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Ruth Kelly

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Lonnie | 00:12 Fri 13th Jan 2006 | News
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Just watching Question Time, and a question came up, that I thought was worth posting, and to see some of the answers that you come up with. 'Why won't Ruth Kelly reveal how many teachers are on the sex offenders list'?. Any ideas?.


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why, exactly, would anyone want to know? Should I feel better/worse/indifferent if it was 2, or 20, or 200?

Becasue she doesn't know?

Oneyeeyedvic is quite right - the Minister has admitted that "her Department ...." does not have accurate statistics for the number of offenders working in schools. Apparently various members of the police and childcare workers and courts decide someone is guilty of accessing child pornography, and then one Government Minister decides he will be OK to work with children. It takes your breath away!
i should think if she did know and revealed it,she wouldent be in her job much longer
What next Lonnie you'll be wanting the Government to tell you the truth !!!
Question Author
That would be a first Dolly, but hope springs eternal,
sums up the government ,all spin and looking good no substance.This latest idea from Brown about flags,in northen ireland the police station get told off for fling the flag.

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Ruth Kelly

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