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Investigative journalism or "How not to win the world cup"?

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Oneeyedvic | 09:25 Mon 23rd Jan 2006 | News
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Firslty, let me point out that I don't read the News of the Screws or the Fun so all my infomration is coming via othe rmedia.

Secondly I should point out that I am not wild about football - more of a rugby man - and don't support a team (though I will check the results of our local team and watch MOtD highlights, but I could only name probably 3 players) but when it comes to our National team, I will always want England to win.

Why is it that in the last few years, just before a major tournament, the News of the Screws has managed to ruin our chances of winning? Whilst the Beckham / Loos thing may have been a 'good scoop' (not imho) this Sven thing is just ludicrous. We are now going into a World Cup in a few months with a manager who has other things on his mind and a team who are (imho) not have the same respect for him. With their sister paper also calling for Sven's job after the world cup, he doesn't really have a lot going for him does he?

Are there any avid fans out there who will stop buying the paper - after all they will continue to run these stories as long as people buy it - or will people just continue as normal?

Note: this is more a question about news / reporting than sports, hence being posted in News section.



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I agree, he wont have much support with the picture that is painted of him. The paper you speak of is very pro football you think they would do everything they could to support him.

Its also been reported today that he has been told to go after the World Cup. What kind of motivation will this give him!!! None!!

I think they should let him go now and get someone in who can have a fresh start well before the finals. But that raises another question? Who will fill his shoes?

When you use the word 'journalist', it might help if you picture sharks in a feeding frenzy, or slavering hunting dogs around a recent kill. I feel these images better represent the journalistic mindset than the thoughtful reasoning and appreciation of consequences adopted by most ABers.
An object lesson in how to undermine the confidence within the team and between the public and the manager.
These 'journalists' are pond life.
This is a non story - if you read closely Sven hasnt actually done anything wrong except express an opinion on some things (god forbid!)
Why couldnt they have at least waited until after the World Cup to break this 'news'! Idiots!
Trouble is people still by these rags and this just validates their methods.
We have the best chance in winning for decades and this does nothing for our chances.
This makes me so mad - not just the football element but also the general low standards adopted by our print media.
Personally, I think that this is a bit of a non-story. I always suspected he would leave after the World Cup anyway, and everyone has a right to think about their future. If some sort of agency came up to you and said they had a brilliant job for you, and would you like to discuss it, I think we all would. The real story is why unscrupulous journalists will risk preparation for the World Cup purely to sell a few extra newspapers, by setting up an elaborate entrapment plan.
Well Gary, you said it first!

Who can this "ruin our chances of winning" when you have no chance of winning in the first place!

Sven should have known better and should have kept his mouth shut! He is a PR liability.

Come on Ned you have to admit we've got a good team this year, although i do wish we had Darren Fletcher at our disposal! :-)

I wasnt aware Sven was a ventriliquists dummy - you learn something new everyday.If this isnt the case then I think he has a good case for having those journalists arrested because they obviously had a gun at his head.

Who said that this is Englands best chance for decades to win?Oops forgot - English people of course - how silly !!

Yes its best not to support the team after whats happened with the manager

Aliflump you have an excellent group of players, your best for many years - you just need a good scottish manager!, team spirit and a mass media that wont over hype the players. Its never gonna happen!

It might!! Never loose faith!
I agree that Sven is a liability, and seems to think himself infallible, despite being proven to be otherwise countless times. He should have kept his mouth shut as he's being paid an obscene amount of money to be England Manager, yet seems incapable of following even basic professional etiquette (eg don't bitch about your staff to strangers!!). Yes, he was totally stitched up, but it onlyworked because he said what he did. if he'd said only nice things about folk, and not named any managers/teams, then it really would have been a non story. The FA should be delighted that they have a chance to get rid of him (relatively) cheaply before his contract runs out. It's unfortunate for England fans that Sven is in charge, as I just don't believe he can get the best out of the hugely talented squad he has at his disposal.

Funny how its only Scottish Abers who can see this for what it is and in a backhanded way we are feeling sorry for your dilemna.You have a brilliant squad - dont always play as a team but its a level playing field as the other countries have the same predicament.

Sven is a snake in the grass and it would be heartning for some English supporters to acknowledge this and concentrate on how their team are REALLY feeling.

Sorry for using capitals but I cant do bold or italics or colours - I live in the sticks you see.

I wont support England but I think they have been let down badly by their so called manager.Get one who has at least a passion for his own country the next time or as ned said get a Scottish one because we as a nation have the hunger to win:) (pity we're always starving!!!)

I think the "ruined our chances" thing is pathetically melodramatic.
No offence, but if I was part of the England playing squad and I couldn't function at 100% as a result of this story then I would deserve the sack and a good belt around the lug.

If the England coaches can't use this as a "they're all out to get us - we'd better adopt a siege mentality and go out to prove the world wrong" motivator then they all deserve the sack.

Complete and utter non-story and if it affects anyone's chances of anything then they don't deserve their position.
Come June the Screws & the Fun will be dishing out free English flags and urging everyone to start World War 3 with Germany.
If it's WWIII I am on the Gerry's side this time then!

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Investigative journalism or "How not to win the world cup"?

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