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Sir Tom Jones

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askey | 01:07 Thu 30th Mar 2006 | News
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Why, Why,Why ........................ ???



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Well its not unusuakfor a singer to be knighted these days

ho ho

or even Unusual...

Delilah (well someone had to get it out the way:))

Knighthoods etc are ten a penny nowadays.Lot of p!sh.

Never anyone who has done real good and dedicated their lives to medical research or give of their time as a volunteer for the RNLI or Mountain Rescue or such like who risk their lives each time they have a shout.

well only the celebrities get this now adays such a crime methinks

Sorry Drisgirl, but you say "Never anyone" but that is not true.

LOADS of people who have done all sorts of things get honours, it is just that most of us only to hear about the famous ones.

A lady near me who stated a dancing school for young children and has run it for about 20 years got an MBE recently, but unless you live locally you would never hear about that.

There are hundreds of people like that who get mentioned each year.

Next time there is an honours list printed look beyond the headlines and read further down and you will see that ordinairy people have got it for all sorts of things.

Here is a list of some ordinairy people who have been honoured, including a man who does mountain rescue !

I remember when he first became famous and it was like a breath of fresh air to me, he has such a wonderful voice and a great feel for lyrics. The trouble is, since then, I believe he lives and works mostly in the USA so he doesn't contribute anything to GB at all. I think one of the main criteria for any sort of honour to be bestowed in this country should be that at the very least you should pay income tax here.

Thanks vhg - I was meaning Knighthoods and Dame (is it hoods?).

I agree - our local paper always prints a list of all the local people who have received awards like BEM and MBE OBE.Very worthy too.

Just seems unfair that Tom Jones walzting to a Knighthood for singing.He may do a lot of charity work behind the scenes though so it may be justified.

Why, Why, Why......Not? I mean it's just another pat on the back (or shoulder) for a genuinely nice chap who has been entertaining us for years. Knighthood doesn't mean much nowadays anyway, it's not as if he's going to go fight for the realm, it just means he's got to change his letterhead.

At least he didn't lend �1m to the Labour party.

Actually Tom Jones does an awful lot to help young musicians in this country and works very hard in doing so. (He does this without seeking publicity or attention) He has been a great entertainer for at least four decades. Sir Elton John, Sir Paul (I love myself) McCartney, Sir Mick Jagger - why not Sir Tom Jones. Good luck to him, he deserves it.

Why do people get uptight about this? Does it make any difference?

I'm not sure it means anything unless the person who receives the award puts any meaning on it. Tom Jones, multimillionaire-knighthood? Big deal, he's probably thinking. Much rather have some more knickers in me face.

Reg Smith, lollypop man for 50 years. MBE. What does he think about that? Probably a damned sight more than Mr Jones. And more power to his elbow. Well done, Reg. Don't let the cynics grind you down.

to distract & DIVERT people's attention from the Tony's sleaze/ slime /S***/A** K***** government

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Sir Tom Jones

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