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Are our children brainwashed

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anotheoldgit | 14:16 Sun 01st Apr 2007 | News
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Is it right for our children to be constantly brain washed over issues that are at the moment politically topical, (which at the moment is the enviroment)? Why it is of course correct to teach them certain enviromental along with other social issues, as part of their education, this should only take place as long as it does not interfer with the teaching of their normal lessons included in the national syllabus. It is becoming more and more relevant for children as young as six to be taken out onto the streets to demonstrate in support of certain issues that concern their school or immediate surrounds. I have witnessed these young pupils with placards supposedly constructed by themselves, and petitions to local councillors, also supposedly written and circulated by these very young persons. All this action took place as part of a campaign for the provision of two litter bins outside their school. A report in the local press stated how proud the local councillor was on the way the children conducted their protest, this was also echoed by their teacher. As if children of six would have been able to organise such a protest themselves, when they can only just read or write, least of all been bothered whether or not they had litter bins provided. Another case of the improper use of children by their liberal left teachers and councils, was the recent use of free children labour to clean up local areas. The children were kitted out with fluorescence vests, gloves, litter pick-up tool, and black plastic bag, and then sent out on the streets picking up litter. Since more and more children are leaving school these days with very little education, should not the time they are at school be better used, than taken up by mad-cap schemes such as these?


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i also read your posts and have a chuckle at you over them. I imagine you sitting at home with steam coming out of your ears as "disgusted from wherever"

I also think to be taken seriously you might want to construct your arguements better instead of in "daily mail" speak
First, more people read the Daily Mail than any other, I have no problem with either your questions, or the way they are Posted, the ones that do, really shouldn't bother answering.

Now, brainwashing of children, thats always happened, since time immemorial, but I take your point, and your right in what you say, its the same as teaching them that Gay marriages are right, (no offence meant to anyone who reads this), and they are batentently not.

Let children be children, its only for a short time.
Question Author
In hindsight I do not think the word relevant was the best choice of words to use RoaldoM. But having checked both my dictionary and thesaurus I cannot see how it means I agree with the subject, if taken in context with the rest of the post.

If you cannot enter into a genuine debate of the subject in hand, without trying to be a smarter than thou individual, then may I suggest that you should also correct your own spelling of NOT (it only has one N) and DEFINITION has only one F.

Oh dear RoaldoM you must spend more time in class than spending your time out on the streets picking up litter.

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is the daily mail really the most popular paper? Christ on a bike! I hte they way they are always trying to tell people what to think, and can't back up their arguments, and use inflammatory language For example what does "more and mmore children laving school with very little education" actually mean? Where did you get the information that the pupils teachers and councils were "liberal left"?
and how can you prove, or what evidence do you have that the national curriculum is not being run along these other activities that bother you so much? If schools wernt getting the lessons on, they would be bought up on an ofsted inspection
I agree that theoldgit's post is fundamentally flawed - as is his entire outlook on life, based as it is, on the worst excesses of the Daily Mail.

However, I did enjoy the use of 'mad-cap schemes' in the last sentence. It's a great phrase.
I think the going out and picking litter up is a good thing for all kids to do, it would show them more respect for the country & the people who are employed to go round picking up rubbish after them!
I can not stand any one dropping litter at all, i have such a problem with my partner dropping cigarette butts, i smoke myself and always make sure i completely get rid of the end of my cigarette and put it out in a puddle or something if possible and then but just the butt in the bin!

I was never taught anything to do with the running of this country at school, no politics, or anything, im now 20 and i have nooooooooo idea what so ever about voting or anything political and so i dont vote, but i wish i had been taught about such stuff and did know about it!

Now i think im wayyyyyyy off track so i'll shut up now :)
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Just wanted to clarify that the Daily Mail is not <b/> the best selling paper - it is beaten by The Sun.
I obviously got my sums wrong, apologies for that, okay, we'll demote it then to the second most read paper.
I assumed you meant to use the word prevalent where you used relevant, and your question makes perfect sense to me. The pedants who chose not to answer your question are disingenuous, or they might just be thick.

Back to the question, I do not believe there is a case to answer. The examples you provide are exeptions rather than the rule. There may be some isolated cases of children being coerced into campaigns by their teachers, but it is not widespread. Children are often used in this way. The church is not averse to parading 6 year olds who have no concept of god, but take part in ceremonies and rituals to which they don't understand the meaning.

I do agree with you that certain subjects are taught with bias toward an accepted but unproven doctrine.
Question Author
Kazza12345 Just read your posts or get someone to read them for you , they are almost unreadable and your spelling is abysmal. You are a prime example of the lowering of educational standards I was referring to.

But perhaps I am being a little unkind, since you have got your name correct , I have to assume you can at least count up to five.
Question Author
Yes you are perfectly right Prevalent was exactly the word I meant to use, thanks for pointing it out Gromit.

Thank you also Gromit for another well thought out answer as always. Much better than all those that are quick enough to criticise my posts without possessing the standard of education necessary to construct a good argument against them.

Thanks infundibulum also for a well thought out answer. Regarding Liberal Left Teachers, I have been in enough teachers common rooms to know from what part of the political spectrum the majority of teachers come from. No I did not say the council organised the demonstrations, supposedly it was organised by the six year olds themselves, but it was obvious that the teachers organised it.

I am not saying that campaigning by children is widespread, but I do think it is becoming more common. How many times do you see them thrust onto the streets (even by their parents), with their little banners, campaigning for example : for the provision of a pedestrian crossing, or a street to be closed off to traffic, or more play equipment on the park. All worthy causes one may say, but leave it to the adults please. I have even witnessed children being used in protests that could turn very violent with the children's very safety at risk.

Some may disagree with me but I just do not like to see children being used to front protests that adults should be perfectly capable of conducting themelves if necessary, especially when they are taken from their normal lessons to take part.
Some fair points anotheoldgit, but litter-picking is a bad example. It teaches children that littering has a consequence. It also establishes the school as an integral and useful part of the community as well as giving the children a palpable sense of achievement - they can look around them and see the visible results of a job well done.

I do agree that brain-washing does go on in schools, both systematically and personally. Any teacher imparting information to a group is bound to load it with their own bias. But that's just human nature.

Systematic brain-washing is easier to discourage. And I still can't believe that the government continues to fund faith schools (including Christian ones). Drumming a religion into kids through the state school system is an abuse of the system as far as I'm concerned.

If the government was part-funding a Communist School or a Tory school, in which children were taught that that political view was the one they should believe, people would be up in arms. Keep the religious preaching where it belongs.

And yes, the majority of teachers are definitely left of centre. But given that they see the results of Tory tax cuts first hand, it's not difficult to see why.
bless, you thanks for your concern anbout my educational standards. In fact i work as a professional macmillan nurse and have just completed a masters degree. Unfortunately i am also disabled with R.A. making typing especially not easy for me all the time. Unfortunately because m,y fingers are sideways, when i'm having a bad day i often either press superfluous buttons or not enough. I would imagine most reasonably intelligent people would be able to add or subtract the missing letter in their head as they're reading my post. If you find them "almost unreadable" perhaps it's your educational standards that can't cope with a deviation from the norm?
Question Author
Kazza12345 May I take this opportunity to apologise for criticizing your education standards, I was unaware of your medical condition. I also admire immensely the splendid caring profession in which you are employed.

But I am afraid you do not come over very caring in your answers. This is why it is understandable that persons can immediately become alienated against you when you choose to answer questions in such an aggressive way.

Your disability or profession are no excuse for your obvious aggression and lack of good manners.
a little of the pot calling the kettle, no. c'mon oldgit your manners could use a little upgrading also. cheers!
"Since free men cannot judge for themselves what endangers their freedom if they believe it is never in danger, it is the chief burden of the public school curriculum to persuade children that their liberty is always secure."
Walter Karp

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Are our children brainwashed

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