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80 dead in Afghanistan. Great News!!!!

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Bewlay Bros | 14:38 Sun 17th Feb 2008 | News
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Am I the only one delighted by this news?

Whilst I appreciate that these 80 odd were probably not the Taliban, and in the eyes of the west are the ones we are protecting, I have no sympathy with spectators of dog fights.

If these backward people want the world to accept Islam as peacfull perhaps they should start respecting animal welfare first.

I hope the last thing the mothers saw when their kids had their body blow to bits were the faces of the poor dogs forced to fight for this sick muslim pleasure.

Further proof this religion and their associated cultures lies in the middle ages.

Yes I know it goes on all over the world, including England, but at least we have the morality to make dog fights illegal. One small aspect I agree with the Taliban on.

Am I being too harsh?



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Associating what a victim of suicide bombing is doing at the time, with their deserving being murdered does seem a little incongruent, no? The justice or morality of a parent viewing a child's violent death attending any sporting venue with which you you disagree could lend credence to any similar terroist activity... I'm sure there are people around the world who view Rugby or our American football as violent expositions of the worst in human sporting... A bomb in th emidst of the fans would certainly correct that injustice, wouldn't it?

Just so there's no misunderstanding, are you equating the death of a child... any child with suffering of dogs? If so, I'd find that a unique concept...
Question Author
These wicked people are watching two or more ill treated dogs fight to death.

These dogs are brutally kept, starved and even have their claws and teeth sharpened so the fight is bloodier.

The people watching this, including the children are not human nor humane in my book.

Unlike rugby, where you have either 26 or 30 people on the field of their own volition and accord, these poor doggies are there solely for evil spectators pleasure.

This is not a racist rant. Trust me I wish ill fate on fox hunters and bull fighters. But I am trying to emphasize that OUR boys and girls are dying trying to liberate these nasty, vicious people.
Which bit of the story are you happy about? The fact that they were muslim or that they were watching dog fighting? Or both? Reading your post just made me wonder if the reaction would be the same if, say, a suicide bomber set off a device in a Spanish bullfighting arena.
Question Author
I would be just as happy.

I am not a cold hearted man, but I love it when a matador gets spiked. And Spain supposed to be civilised??

And I know some fox hunters, and if they or they horrible blood thirsty children were to fall of their horse and break their spine, I would laugh in their cabbaged face everytime I ever saw them again.

Fair enough. But what does Islam have to do with it? As much as say what do catholicism or protestantism have to do with bullfighting or fox hunting?
Question Author
Because they are constantly harping on how loving and peacful they are when in reality they can't even treat animals with respect, let alone humans.

Yes the link is tenuous, and not the crux of the matter here.

What I am trying to say is if those associated with dog fighting die a violent death, pesonally I find it not so much ironic, but actually amusing.

Serves them right if you ask me.

(PS I love dogs)
The difference between the bombing and the other examples you give is that the people weren't killed by the dogs, they were killed by the Taleban who aren't exactly the victims here.

Presumably you would have less of a feeling of fulfilment if a hunter was killed in a car crash rather than falling off his horse?

For the record I disgree with hunting, dogfighting and all the rest but I think there are more fundemental things that need to be sorted out in Afghanistan before we can try and stop dogfighting.
I happen to agree that many of the tenets of the Islam religion to belong it the middle ages. Just thought it was unnecessary to use it as proof that this religion and its associated cultures lies in the middle ages, as you put it, given that other religions don't come down on animal abuse either. We have only just banned fox hunting and look at the hoo-ha there was over that. (I'm pretty sure it's still rampant anyway).
I'm 99% with wardy on this.

Any ****** who mistreats animals in the name of 'sport' deserves the worst.

The 1% of the question I disagree with is I wouldn't just hone in on the fact that this was Afghanistan - I'd happily see the same happen to the teenage gits who throw cats off buildings, tie fireworks to dogs etc etc. But as he's also stated a common position on the tally-ho ******** that chase animals to their deaths, I can't disagree too much.
I don't believe for one moment the bomb was let off by the Taliban. I think it was Al Queda. Now that they have been surged out of Iraq they have switched to Afghanistan where a surge is not under way.
Honestly, I think you're the one who's a little backward. Anyone who places the life of an animal above that of a human has something gone a bit wrong in my book.

There's a lot of good we could do in Afghanistant(don't forget that the country has been in a state of on/off civil war since 1979). Or maybe that we could've done. If our aim is to liberate people, then we shouldn't be bothered about their practices, we should be worried about stability. And if we start trying to attack their practices, we're going to find ourselves booted out rather prematurely, and Afghanistan will be the worse for it.
Wishing them death because they are dog fighting makes you as bad as them.
I hate the thought of dog fighting and wish that those who want a fight get in the arena themselves and slug it out if they want it that badly. At least that way they only hurt themselves, but a suicide bombing is an atrocity no matter what the poeple at the time were doing. By the way it would have killed the poor old dogs to.
Clanad I find the last part of your post rather sad. Suffering is suffering no matter if its a child, adult or animal. I can equate the suffering of a dog with a child because like a child dogs are at the mercy of those who are supposed to take care of them, i.e responsible adults.
We don't have any right at all to tell other countries to stop mistreating animals when we ourselves ahve such an appauling track record. Dog fighting and fox hunting might be illigal but they still go on. If you can't treat any living thing with respect then we are all lost.
We humans are a really sorry species.
That's truly astounding that one could equate the suffering of a child with that of a dog... I, obviously, don't comprehend the program...
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80 dead in Afghanistan. Great News!!!!

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