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Do you agree with Ashleigh Mum about Facebook?

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socket2008 | 01:16 Sat 31st Oct 2009 | News
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She is partly blaming Facebook over her daughters murder, then claims that Ashleigh knew all of her 400 friends.

Firstly this girl was 17, not some gullable 12 year old. She was the one to lie to the mother about who she was seeing. Would she really know 400 people that well?

Does anyone on here have 400 plus friends on Facebook and know them well? I know someone that has 1500 friends, would he know them from Adam if he saw them in the street?

As for Facebook, well, my nephew is 11, he and all of his friends are on Facebook and he has since showed me that many of them have 200 friends plus. Do they know all of those people?

The person that is too blame for Ashleighs death is the murderer. Ashleigh wasn't to know that the person she was talking to was a crazed madman.


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all kids on FB add as many as they can. they go to big schools and add everyone in their year, some from the years above and below, friends of friends, etc.

my daughter is 15 and she will know everyone on her list, maybe not very well but there are no men on there that I don't know about.

she knows the rules but I can't live her life for her. I feel very sad for Ashleigh and her mother, but it's not down to FB to do police checks on everyone. I made a profile for my cat once, and he had over 750 friends!!

that will lose me some real friends, I'm sure ;o)
my two cats would like to be your cats friends sara
Colin doesn't do FB any more,peri. I won't let him on the new laptop.

I'm off to my bed. hope you're okay. night night xx
night sara
There've been convicted rapists on FB, at least one murderer and umpteen weirdos, but it's such a huge site that it's difficult to police. I won't allow my eldest son to go on there, and really don't see the point. Youngsters should have real-life friends, and not be glued to social networking places all the time.
It was terrible about Ashleigh, but it's not FB's fault. In her grief, Ashleigh's mum has to find a reason for her loss, and FB's getting the blame. However, even though she was 17, the girl shouldnt've gone off to meet anyone without having friends or an adult as company.
Facebook is not to blame in the same way that the Post Office would not be to blame if a stalker started writing letters and ended up killing her.

Facebook is purely a contact tool - you choose who you speak to, when and why. If a random note appeared on your front door step asking you to be their friend, most people would ignore it.

Parents really need to take responsibility for their children and if they don't understand things like facebook then they need to go on courses and find out about it
My daughter is 11 and asked whether she could join FB as all her friends seemed to be on there. I explained to her that it said you had to be 13 before opening an account and that she would have to lie about her age to join and that I wasn't happy with her doing that, she was fine with that and said it was only because of the games that she had seen me playing on there that she wanted to join anyway.

The parents of her friends who are on FB have allowed their children to lie about their ages so that they can join FB. I wonder how many of the parents actually know that the min age is 13? Have they even bothered to find out? Do some of them even know their kids have joined FB? Maybe they do now because of this poor girls death that they are bothering to check.

It may not seem such a big deal that young kids have lied about their ages on an internet site but then how many of those parents are then checking up on what their kids are actually doing and who they are speaking to? not only on FB but other sites too.

Parents need to be checking just what their kids are doing on the internet and hammer home the dangers of speaking to people they don't know on the net. This needs to be done from a young age so they grow up with that awareness.
As someone who is new to facebook and other networking sites it amazes me how many people are some friend listings.

Yes the person to blame for Ashleigh's death is the murderer himself and I trust that the penal system will punish in the right manner. She was too young to die.

I feel that, like other sites around, there should be an age limit of 18 years. There have been some weirdos contacting me but I simply, and you can do this, report them.
My kids have FB but the PC is in the living room and I can see it from where I sit. I also know their passwords and save 'chat' history in MSN.
Ummmm - if kids just have to go onto FB then you are taking the right approach. all parents should monitor usage until they leave home to be honest!

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Do you agree with Ashleigh Mum about Facebook?

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