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What's old Dinnerjacket up to now then?

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R1Geezer | 16:41 Fri 18th Dec 2009 | News
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Surely he can't be after another Iran/Iraq war! Surely they are all part of te religion of peace!


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//it was in "disputed territory" near the border and happened fairly frequently.//

So why bother to report it now?

unless Obama's deadline for talks is looming and the US are cranking up the pressure.
depends which religion of peace you're talking about, I suppose. Christian Britain goes off to war all the time.

The last Iran-Iraq war was about who was to be the regional superpower. It was a draw; but Iran has subsequently moved ahead by luring the US into invading Iraq and making a pig's ear of it. The US is sponsoring a feeble Iraqi regime and getting edgy about Iranian strength.
Substitute USA with Iraq in the title of that news and you would undwerstand what it is all about.

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What's old Dinnerjacket up to now then?

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