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Michael Foot

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jrtv | 14:41 Wed 03rd Mar 2010 | News
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Michael Foot the Labour MP as died, I remember it was him who let Mrs Thatcher take the helm, what sort of country would it be now if he had won ?


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Tell that to those 2 million ex- council tenants who now own a nice house and garden with no morgage and something to give to their kids when they die . Of course as Socialists no doubt you would just confiscate the lot in typical Kremlin fashion and drag everyone down to equal poverty level. Not a chance my kids live and own their council houses and spend a lot of...
22:21 Fri 05th Mar 2010
Well we'd have given up our independant nuclear deterrent which was the only thing stopping the Russians from pouring across the border in tanks and seizing the country.

Well that was pretty much the view at the time as I recall

Of course as it turned out they poured across the border and seized control with gas pipelines
A what if eh ?

Over such a long term, probably not much different. There would have been the same bunch of politicians wanting to impose the same bunch of changes on the long suffering public. The timing of individual things might change, but the trend may well remain the same.
the berlin wall would still be up and we'd be a Soviet state with Arthur Scargill as regional governor!
We'd all be dressed in ill-fitting suits, instead of just a few of us.
it wasn't him who let MrsT in, it was 30 years of socialist/lefty dogma.
Sad to hear of the passing of a true Socialist.
R1Geezer what control would Arthur Scargill have had over the population of Germany?
Living in a Soviet state can't be any worse than living in this broken down warmongering,capitalist Sugar hole!!
Can't wait for the demise of the scumbag *** thatcher.What a Fosters up that will signal hear in Tory Free Liverpool!!!!
that explains it all, look at that w4nker degsy, if it was up to you guys the whole country be a sh1te hole like Liverpool, Bo Jo was correct.

How old are you streetend? I bet a you nevr had to live through the dark commie years, eh. Got brainwashed at school by the left teachers eh?
there is still a lot of me me me going on
let the miners starve i am alright i have a well paid job

me me me

there are a lot of people today sorry that they did not listen to arthur
R1Geezer research your facts Foot was only elected Labour leader in 1980 thatcher the t**t was elected with only 33% of the vote in 1979.
Living in a Soviet state can't be any worse than living in this broken down warmongering, capitalist Sugar hole!!

Says someone who has obviously not been to the country!
R1Geezer which dark commie years and where did you live through ?I lived and worked in Liverpool (b.1955) during The Militant Years and advise you to read up a little on this class struggle.The only council in Britain that was building council property keeping local tradesmen employed.
//Can't wait for the demise of the scumbag *** thatcher.//

Totally uncalled for and disrespectful to a modern successful Politician and on a thread which is an obituary to another memorable and sincere Politician but sums up "Scouse politics"
Oneeyedvic, I actually lived in Deutsche Demokratische0 Republik, East Berlin as a matter of fact working on a Government Pharmaceutical Project (1987-89)
well i for ne think its a sad day. R.I.P. michael Foot.
Sqad nothing to do with Scouse politics at all but with the destruction of the capitalist system which as we have witnessed over the past few years is almost complete. So the only viable alternative is Socialism. As for thatcher she is the sole reason the tory party will struggle to ever have an MP elected in Liverpool.
Streetendboy........not my point at all.

You chose an obituary of a much loved Labour Leader to "*** off" a much loved and successful Tory Prime Minister.

This to me is in bad taste whether or not your Politics are left or right of centre.
is politics not all about democracy and personal opinion. I appreciate the comment squad about not the right place but everyone is entitled to their opinion. I for one will Not think it sad when Thatcher passes away. That is my personal opinon.
Halsu....fine I don't object to that but I do object to it raised on the obituary of another great Politician.

Bad manners bad taste and may I say...unforgivable.
I fully appreciate what you are saying Squad, but as in any 'discussion' one subject ineveitably leads to another..... especially politics may I add! :)
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I don't know how this got to be about Liverpool, but it was the Tories who save it from serious decline, it was Michael Heseltine's idea after seeing what a dreadful place Liverpool had become and awarded them with the first Garden Festival project, large derelict area's and buildings where transformed and about 3.5 millon visitors went. There are about 3,000 houses there now ( not council ) and from then to now Liverpool as become a city to be proud of. ( thanks to the Tories )

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