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Come to Britain for a free abortion

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anotheoldgit | 16:16 Tue 16th Mar 2010 | News
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Should these Europeans come to this country and get free abortions on our NHS?


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No I don't think they should but hey we are soft touch of the world are we not?

Is it just the UK that offers this service?
No they shouldn't, but since abortion is illegal in Poland (unless the mother's life is at risk, in cases of rape or if the foetus is deformed)

Can they legally? Yes, so they take full advantage of it - pretty much exactly like the Irish did / continue to do.

What can we do?

A few things (depending on your morality) - campaign for it to be made legal in Poland
Make abortion illegal in this country

Or probably most apt: make the NHS services for emergency only treatment for non-British nationals.
Swings and roundabouts

// Nine people left Ashford in Kent on Friday morning on Eurostar to go to La Louviere hospital in Lille in France for cataract and joint operations.
They are the first patients to receive treatment in continental hospitals as an attempt to reduce NHS waiting lists. //
That's not strictly true Gromit. Years back my accountant was involved with a company that sent patients abroad for operations. They billed the NHS....
yes Gromit but they will be paid for by our NHS. Just a bit of outsourcing. Now if only there were other areas where outsourcing could be applied!
yes I have one Gromit and I've used it in Ireland, the bill was sent to the NHS. As it will be in this case. You don't really think that The French are as stupid as us in this area do you? Besides the card is for treatment on hols etc you can't go their just for an op. in this case the NHS is effectively hiring the French health service to ease queueing a business arrangement only.
Gromit, what is your point. The link to the card (that I have had for ages) is effectivley for emergency treatment. You llink specifically says you cannot go for operations. It also syas that you may have to pay even for emergency care.

So totally irrelavant to the topic of conversation. Moer spin from a pinko perhaps ?

R1, perhaps the Government is really taking on board off shoring. 1st NHS next Jails. Thailand as most on this site know is my favourite.
Read past the headline...

// A the Department of Health spokesman said: “The NHS is provided primarily for the benefit of people lawfully resident in the UK.

“We do, however, choose to exempt from charge the residents of some countries for some treatment needs when they visit the UK.”

He said the arrangement was reciprocal, meaning British citizens can receive similar benefits. He said where treatment is given the NHS is obliged to attempt to recover the full cost of chargeable treatment. //
Right so our pregnant teenagers can go to France for an abortion can they? I think not! The card provides the reciprocal arrangement as already discussed. The home health service pays for it's own.
If British people come here to Ireland for treatment - and they do - the NHS is billed. Similarly if other Europeans got to the UK, the NHS is supposed to bill their countries' health service.
Oneyedvic - Irish people travelling for abortions to the UK are almost always travelling to a private clinic, as far as i know.
further on my point above, this form the Irish Family Planning Association:
How much does an abortion cost?
The cost of an abortion varies in each country and depending on the procedure carried out. An abortion can cost anything from €600 to €2000.

Is there a financial grant I can access to pay for the abortion?

Also in the Telegraph article it states that the NHS is for UK population only?
I think there is a difference between health tourists who come here off their own back and expected to pay for themselves against an EU co-operation of treating foreign patients.

The individual often leaves the country without paying but the EU arrangement is billed to the host country and is certain to be paid.

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Come to Britain for a free abortion

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