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Banning smoking in cars + areas where children are...

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R1Geezer | 11:28 Wed 24th Mar 2010 | News
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Further attacks on the social lepers, or sensible measures? I must admit I do feel sorry for the kids I see in the backs of cars, in a safety seat of course, gasping for breath, getting gassed by cynide and 500 other poisonous gases, why do smoking parents think so little of their children?

Should Smoking Be Banned In Cars and Places Where Children Are?

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Should The Smoking Ban Be Extended to Cars and Areas Where Children Are?

  • No - The car and home are areas which should not be effected by by smoking bans - 50 votes
  • 54%
  • Yes - smoking should be banned in these areas - 43 votes
  • 46%

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I find it hard to believe that smokers manage to go on long haul flights but can't manage the school run without lighting up.

And it never ceases to amaze me the amount of parents smoking at the school gates.
Probably because they had the same experience and it did them no harm did it?

Doubtlessly they had a 80 year old granddad who smoked 40 a day and finally died when he was hit by a bus.
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All the best,

Spare Ed
That actually happen to my Grandad Jake. Smoked about 40 a day, drank bitter with a whisky chaser everyday...and got hit by a car at 83. He was going to the shop to get fags so I suppose you can say they did kill him in the end.
certainly agree where children are concerned, but if its outdoors it should be ok no ? also how would they enforce it ?

my dad died after smoking for 49 years. he was riddled with cancer all over.
Oh, and my view - you shouldn't need to ban it around children. People should know not to smoke in front of children without something having to be "banned"

Spare Ed
Banned - No.
Discouraged - Yes.
People should know not to smoke in front of children without something having to be "banned".

you'd think so wouldn't you. but even on those grounds my dad must have been a complete thicko then.
Yes Ankou my best friend died riddled with cancer and had never smoked in his life!
and no I am not a smoker but I do believe in freedom of choice.
In my opinion, yes to both questions.
Its common sense isn't it? I smoke but never smoke in the home or in my boyfriend's car - I would not want the children to breathe in my smoke - I choose to, they don't. If I want to go out in the garden and have a fag, well let me.

You could ban it for the less responsible, but how it would be policed is anyone's guess.
More cameras.....
I agree with flip_flop. Absolutely ridiculous idea and impossible to police.
Question Author
We should start a nonegenerian olympics, it's amazing how many people have a 90 year old grandad who smokes 80 fags a day and runs a marathon before breakfast and scales the north face of the eiger at week ends! Yet I've never seen one of these guys, where are they hiding?
In cars?

People's own private cars? that they own?

No ... of course not. We don't live in a totalitarian dictatorship just yet !!

In places where children are?

Isn't that ... everywhere ??
The parents can always have a cigarette while they send their child into the McDonalds Drive Thru for lunch and make sure the car doesn't smell by using airborne deodorising chemicals.
Question Author
well you can police the car bit, plod can spot smokers just the same as they do now with mobile phones.
No Govt would ever advocate telling people what they can't do in their own homes or cars.

In their own cars, people should be free to eat, smoke, shag or, in the case of Gillian Taylforth, give the driver a bIow job.
Discouraging it is a good idea. Why not put a label on packs saying 'We'd prefer it if you didn't smoke around children but we're not going to stop you'? Everyone knows smokers read labels assiduously.
Makes no odds, if it was made law it would probably be policed about as much as the no phone while driving law.

Not only that I wonder what the Police think about it. I don't advocate children being forced to inhale smoke but don't the police have better things to do.

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Banning smoking in cars + areas where children are...

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