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Cay Couple Refused a B&B Bed

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flip_flop | 10:09 Mon 29th Mar 2010 | News
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I read over the weekend that the B&B owners who refused to allow a gay couple to stay have received over 10,000 abusive and threatening phone calls and emails.

Ironic, isn't it, that they have been the subject of this amount of intolerance?

I personally feel the B&B owners were in the wrong, not for their beliefs (which they perfectly entitled to hold), but because they unlawfully discrimanted aganist the gay couple - but even so, has their discrimination warranted the level of abuse, threats of violence and intolerance they have received?


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I agree with Jack. No. There's nothing wrong with giving your opinion on the matter in a calm and civilised manner. You cannot excuse resorting to abuse and threats.

Part of the reason they've got so many absuive phone calls and emails is because it's so easy to contact people nowadays (you can get their details off their website).

Still not excusable.

Have you got a link to the story?
Most definitely NO.
Question Author
"discrimanted" - where the hell did I get that from?

lol...blame the keyboard...
'Discrimanted' certainly has a certain something.........:o)

Perhaps we ought to define that as 'the state of NOT being discriminated against despite ones fervent protestations to the contrary' ?
>Have you got a link to the story?

This was in all the papers a week or so back.

I am sure a Google search will find it.

Mind you, searching on "gay couple" could get some interesting results !
what level of objections would you think was reasonable? If I emailed them to say I thought they were wrong (I didn't do so), that would seem a perfectly reasonable response and not at all intolerant. If thousands of people did so it might seem overwhelming - to them, but not to those who emailed them.

VHG, I couldn't find any link to a claim that there were 10,000 such messages, or that they were all abusive (as opposed to polite objections).
I personally agree with them i am in no way homophobic but it is their house and they have a right not to have people stay because of their religious beliefs. They should of advertised that they are a Christian couple etc etc.

People should stand up for their Christian beliefs as this country won't be a Christian one in years to come then you will all start complaining.
I don't regard the country as particularly Christian now, so I won't be complaining. But I don't like the idea of hotels refusing to accept whole classes of people - what next, 'No Jews'?
puzzfuzz.....It's a business not a home.
Being gay is not a religeon.
I think that's the defence they're going for - It's our home so we can do what we like.
I'm no lawyer, but I would have thought as soon as you start charging people to stay it may still be your home but it also becomes a business premises, and you can't do what you like any more.
ludwig said it in not such a lazy manner as
the law is the law, and this would be unlawful discrimination.

having said that, this law is already being nibbled away at.
I'm with puzzfuzz I'm afraid...yes it is a business as ummm pointed out but any business owner has a right to decline business. Now - personally I HAVE had a lesbian couple stay with us as friends, (not a B n B) but everyone is entitled to their views and the owners of the B n B. You might find that the same couple who own the B n B would also refuse an unmarried couple to share a room?? Again just part of their beliefs.
Then they shouldn't go into a business that could compromise their beliefs.
perhaps as puzzfuzz said ... they should have advertised as a Christian business? Failing that though...isn't saying that they ought not to go into business in case it "might" jeopardise their beliefs intolerance of itself. Is it possible that the gay couple who reported it were intolerant of the B n B's "right" to their beliefs?
I agree with ummmm, but do we know how gay couple were behaving, maybe they were throwing hissy fits and upsetting other guests.

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Cay Couple Refused a B&B Bed

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