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Should he be sacked?

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anotheoldgit | 13:40 Thu 29th Apr 2010 | News
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Home Secretary Alan Johnson stated:

/// 'Bigoted, unreasonably prejudiced and intolerant certainly doesn't apply to Mrs Duffy,' he said. 'Mrs Duffy isn't bigoted, Gordon isn't a monster and the issue of immigration isn't off limits.'///

So everything is okey-dokey then, you load of racists.

Read more: http://www.dailymail....te.html#ixzz0mUYyLRQ4

It's incredible, if this had happened to a Tory minister, there would have been calls for him to resign, because of his offensive remarks.

In fact he would have been most likely sacked by his leader, or at the very least suspended by his local conservative office,


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"It's incredible, if this had happened to a Tory minister, there would have been calls for him to resign, because of his offensive remarks."

Would there? How do you know that?
>Should he be sacked?

Who - Brown or Johnson?

They are hardly likely to change leader (Brown) a week before the election.

While Brown's comments were awful, changing leader at this stage would be worse.

They will struggle on with Brown as leader and take the "hit" in votes.

Tonight's debate is on the economy. Brown's strength so some people say, although how anyone who puts the country into such debt can call the economy his strength I have no idea.

If the economy is his strength I hate to think what his weakeness is.
I love this storm in a teacup.

What you should be concerned about is the may the media are using this to avoid the issues.

Right or wrong I don't care the fact our entire political system is reduced to this should make people wring thier hands in despair.
I'm with Davethedog: anyone who votes against Brown (or for him, for that matter) because of his grumbles about a woman he spoke to deserves any government they get. There are slightly bigger issues facing the country.
This is to some extent a question about character.

And that is important because the character of the PM is important in how the country's run.

However as people love to point out Gordon Brown's personality is already a widely accepted negative and so this doesn't really have as much of an impact as say Cameron getting into a car and saying "Bloody plebs" would have.
I don't think it's really a 'character' issue, though, jake: protesting about someone behind their back rather than to their face is more likely just ordinary politeness - everyone does it, including politicians. All that makes Brown different is forgetting to turn off his microphone.

I don't see it doing him much harm, despite what the papers say; nobody's ever thought of him as Prince Charming. But if Labour does lose the election it will give MPs the excuse to dump him as leader, which they have so far been reluctant to consider.
Jake they already had a go at Cameron and his Eton education and they tried it on Clegg last week, I think it shows a total paucity of decent journalism
"If Labour does lose the election it will give MP's the excuse to dump him as leader"
jno it just shows you what a bunch of idiots the Labour party is by holding on to this charmless buffoon.
As a result of his ongoing stupidity I think they voters will dump him as leader.
Brown is a two faced Bully. End of

This proves it. Stop apologizing for this useles sweaty that has trashed our once great nation and is now on the way to trashing the labour party.
HaHa is it that time already school out is it.
she said something like "where are they flocking from" in relation to immigrants from the EU and Gordon presumably thought she said a swear word instead that sounds a bit like "flocking"... its not the end of the world is it?

No nobody should be sacked, if you want to get rid of him do it because of his policies and performance not because of this stupid mistake that is being blown out of all proportion because the media HATE a politics story and much prefer a dumbed down "he said she said" load of rubbish – when we are days away from an election this story eating up an embarrassing amount of print and web space
I agree. Why is Brown getting the blame for the state of the economy? Why isn't all this bile being directed at the bankers who got us into this mess and are still taking their ill-gotten bonuses.
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There is now so little between the parties' policies, that the only thing to choose between them is integrity.

Gordon Brown has shown an appalling lack of integrity, and complete contempt for a lady whom he clearly considered to be his inferior ...

... He obviously went to a pompous, snobbish school.
It seemed to me his main annoyance wasn't with the woman herself but with the situation which was 'a disaster'.

The staged walkabout (which is standard practice for all parties) includes party workers shuffling known supporters in front of politico so they can tell him what a great job he's doing.

In that scenario, having someone raising any awkward issues is most unwelcome and deeply disappointing.

That's what he was annoyed about. The 'bigoted woman' was just shorthand for someone not following the script.

I think the most cringe-worthy bit was his 'mortification' in the R2 studio and his later grovelling. He would have gained more respect if he'd fronted up to his gaffe e.g. "we don't have time to get into big discussions like that - I was grumpy - I'm sorry I called the lady names"
I think the only way he would have got any respect is if he'd said ...

"I stand by my views. That lady's opinions were strongly out of line with mine, and I did truly consider her to be a bigot. I neither need, nor want, her support".
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If he disagreed with her opinions he should have debated this with her face to face; not sucked up to her and then slagged her off when he thought no-one could hear!
"I stand by my views. That lady's opinions were strongly out of line with mine, and I did truly consider her to be a bigot. I neither need, nor want, her support"..."neither, therefore,do I need, nor want the support of anyone who holds similar opinions". I believe this is called,'How to win friends and influence people'.
The only victim in this is Gillian Duffy, a typical northern working class Labour supporter who has served her local party for over 30 years. Her one "crime" in Brown's, and others's, eyes was to even broach that taboo subject of immigration. None of the 3 main parties has breathed its name during this election campaign, such is the sensitivity of the most "hot potato" of subjects.

That in no way exonerates Brown for his remarks about Mrs Duffy, for I have absolutely no doubt that Cameron and Clegg have also slagged off some of their supporters away from the prying eyes and ears of cameras and paparazzi.

It just goes to prove the inability of Brown to deal with "real people", and how singularly out of touch he and his ilk are when they are confronted with reality as opposed to the sanitised party faithful rallies which party leaders normally get to address, organised and put in place by their spin doctors and party apparatchik.

Brown's sickening, gut wrenching publicity stunt of going to the lady's house to "apologise" merely summed him up for me: totally disingenuous and hypocritical. He was not "sorry" for upsetting Mrs Duffy, he was devastated at having been found out. Does anyone think for one moment that, had he not been picked up by his microphone, he would have thereafter had an attack of conscience over what he'd said? Of course not - he'd have forgotten all about it and just carried on regardless.

The subject of immigration was but one of several raised by Mrs Duffy, and because of it she was branded "a bigoted woman" by one of two men who have presided over the biggest influx of mass immigration to this country in modern time.

Talk about Basil Fawlty: "Don't mention the war".

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