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Muslim defaces war memorial

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anotheoldgit | 12:23 Fri 30th Apr 2010 | News
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What a let off for this traitor, I wonder if a non Muslim would have got off so likely, if they had sprayed anti Islamic slogans on the walls of a mosque?


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Ups, lightly .
Exactly. If he hates the west so much, why doesn't he pee of back to Asia.
Interesting that the usual hand-wringers haven't posted on this thread!
this country has gone completely bonkers.

I am just off to the nearerst muslim country to walk down the main street dressed in hot pants and a boob toob and I have packed some brightly coloured paint and a brush and a map of local mosques.

I will report back on what happens to me, or maybe I will not be able to!
Hand him over to the Americans as they would know what to do with him !
The CPS concluded that this 'was not religiously or racially motivated'. I can only presume they thought it was politically motivated. Nevertheless, it is completely unacceptable.
I should have added that it's unacceptable for anyone to deface a war memorial in any way.
///Interesting that the usual hand-wringers haven't posted on this thread!///

It's not a very interesting thread. Small town petty vandalism. Maybe you need a small town petty mind to get worked up about it?

It is horrible grafitti - he's been punished like anyone else would - I don't recall back in Liverpool in the 60's much effort being expended to catch people who scrawled 'Death to papists' or 'Death to The Queen' on monuments and they were the Good Old Days weren't they?
a-v h's probably on state benfefits so wouldnt want to go back to where ever he came from.
///I wonder if a non Muslim would have got off so likely, if they had sprayed anti Islamic slogans on the walls of a mosque?/// - no because that would be religiously motivated - note the words 'Islamic'

A war memorial is not necessarily a British or a Christian burial place - hence it is not a racially or religious motivated attack. He did something disgraceful, and he was charged with a criminal offence.

Just like this person walked free:
Keyboard hardman Insults aside Zeuhl, I'm not one to generally get worked up about perceived slights such as the one in the poster's link, but I think AOG's question is a reasonable one and deserves an answer.
Fair enough. I'll let you off your keyboard hardman 'hand wringer' comments.

The grafitti was not on a religious building so the comparison with a mosque is irrelevant.

On a comparable muslim related edifice, I doubt any such grafittist would receive anything more severe than this.

Grafitti on a mosque would probably incur similar penalties to this if this had been found to have a religious hate element - which it wasn't.

Seems clear enough to me.

My childhood favourite was always 'Save Our Pope' which some wag had changed to 'Save Our Popeye'.
zeuhl what would be a comparable muslim related edifice.
Dr Filth - there is no comparative as a War Memorial is not a religious or nationalistic structure
There was a non-Muslim student who used a war memorial as a urinal. As I remember, he did get off lightly.
what he did was appalling, but you can't recommend automatically to "send him back to Asia" - he was probably born here and may be a British citizen.
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oneeyedvic / sandyRoe

/// Just like this person walked free:///

/// As I remember, he did get off lightly ///.

Although he also walked free, he was sentenced to do 160 hours of unpaid work.

And he didn't even threaten to kill our Prime Minister.

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Muslim defaces war memorial

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