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We need more coppers on the street.

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bigfoot3000 | 11:25 Tue 04th May 2010 | News
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But not when it's going to risk yours and others lives. It really beggars belief.


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we have had a lot of trouble in the north west with thefts of copper
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Does anyone know what kind of voltage these thieves are risking being electrocuted by and how much moneys worth of copper they are taking as I can understand taking big risks for big profits but risking your life for a couple of hundred does'nt seem to equate in my head.
when they nicked the 450 volt cable from the tram site they got a few grand.

must have had rubber gloves on ?
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And a guardian angel looking over them dr filth!
it soon adds up when you collect it, watch a street that is going to be puled down and during the night the lead on the roof goes.
copper boilers are another favorite, old property will have the old thick lead pipes
Spokesperson from United Utilities on R4 said substation thefts averagejust £30-40 worth of copper.

Several people have died trying it in the past couple of years and they risk starting life threatening fires in people's homes when appliances overheat.

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We need more coppers on the street.

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