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Oi! Scumbag politicians!

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Androcles | 22:15 Mon 10th May 2010 | News
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What the h*ll do you think you are playing at?

Only one party put electoral reform as part of its manifesto - the Lib Dems. 76% of the population did not vote for them or it.

So how come were are suddenly faced, as an electorate ,that we are going to get it whether we like it or not, with probably no chance to say what we think

So that's what you mean by fairer democracy - like it or lump it same as usual

You want PR - you explain which method and what the impact will be. All PR systems have serious flaws same as FPTP so let us examine them and decide. Or are we just going to get another deceitful "referendum" that never was.

Cheats, the lot of you!


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> So how come were are suddenly faced, as an electorate ,that we are going to get it whether we like it or not, with probably no chance to say what we think

Dearie me! How on earth did you arrive at that conclusion...?
Wow-well said. Its all a Crock of broccoli
Question Author
Labour have said that there will be a bill on AV, with a referendum on something more. The Tories have offered AV. DSo you really think it will come to nothing.....?

Odds on the electorate won't get a proper say - the referendum, like the others will not say do you want PR, or which sort of PR do you want - bet it will say "do you want system A or system B"

Just recognising what we will get, Mark.
Just noted the ed has changed my answer from crock of sh.... to "broccoli"
> Just recognising what we will get, Mark.

Or, more realistically, the Lib Dems will side with either Labour or Conservative on the promise of electoral reform, the coalition government will last for a maximum of a few months which is nowhere near enough time to reform the nation's electoral system, and there will be another general election where there will be an absolute majority, and the whole thing will be forgotten...
Would I be stupid to ask who you guys voted for??? I'll say mine if you say yours....
With the debacle we are now facing, will there be even more apathy at the next election? What will be the implication of that result?
Apathy? This election saw the highest turnout since 1997...
Yes because it was a General, I was realy referring to local and by-elections x
Er, OK...
What I really meant was that I feel that at the forthcoming election I feel the electorate will return to there apathetic ways. Especially given what we are witnessing at present, people may decide its not worth voting. What will the result tell us then?

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Oi! Scumbag politicians!

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