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“Potentially significant realignment in British politics; “historic achievement” say Tories?

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olddutch | 09:19 Wed 12th May 2010 | News
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The Times today reported - ///One Senior Conservative source said that the new Government would have a secure majority of more than 70 for a Parliament that would last for five years. This amounted to a “potentially significant realignment” in British politics, which he claimed was an “historic achievement”. ///

What the Coalition agreed :-

• To increase capital gains tax

• To push plans to make cuts worth £6 billion this year

• To move towards a “wholly or fully elected” House of Lords and to equalise the size of constituencies

a commitment for a referendum on the alternative vote electoral system,

• A cap on non-EU immigration

• To reach agreement on holding fixed-term five-year Parliaments

• To postpone the Tories’ plans for an inheritance tax

• That the Lib Dems will abstain on a vote for tax breaks for married couples

a commitment to meet their pledge to increase the threshold for income tax to £10,000

But is it an Historic Achievement / Potentially significant realignment in British politics


an Impracticable Deception ?


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I think the way the whole election was conducted from the tv debates to coalition between Tory and Lib Dem is all historic and exciting. I think both parties will make compromises and do their best to make this coalition work for the next 4-5 years. I also think that any success will be positive for both parties as the public has had it so much drilled into us that cuts need to be made and we are facing difficult times during this period. In fact Greece's situation actually reminds us how bad our situation is at the moment but it could get worse. Any improvements will be good.

The economy is prime concern and I think Cable and Osbourne will clash here but then I think they also compliment each other and Cable I hope will be able to pull Osbourne back at times. At least the parties have agreed not to give more powers to the EU and referendums on future EU issues. I don't think there is any deception but positivity and a genuine national interest at the centre of both parties - something that cost labour.
It will all end in tears
The Conservatives nearly teared itself apart under Major over Europe. It is hard to see how all the Euro Skeptics can be accommodated now the Con/Lib?Dem is such a pro Europe coalition.

Either there will be defections to UKiP (I doubt) or there will be a return to the infighting that paralysed the Major Government.

Saying that, my predictions haven't been too accurate lately.
I disagree with you both, I think this is the best outcome of the election even more so than a tory majority and I voted tory. Osbourne can learn a great deal from Cable and the young tories will modernise the party and the Lib Dems benefit. Internationally this is good for the UK. And I think Cameron and Clegg get on well. No doubt there will be some downfalls but overall at this time, inheriting one of the worst economies at least they are starting out positively. I think we should be supportive.
Ask again after the first vote on Europe.

The big question in my mind is can Clegg deliver discipline in his party when it comes to something close to their hearts or will there be a significant number of rebels.

Come to that will there be Tory Rebels especicially in the Lords.

Right wing Torys like Tebbit will be foaming over all this

Will Cameron use the Parliament act to push through elected peers in the Lords?

It's certainly going to be an interesting time

I just wish Ted Heath were here to see this
I think UKIP are the disatisfied Tories and no party in its right mind would advocate leaving the EEC now unemployment would rise to unsustainable levels if we left.

The Libs are further to the left than Labour now, sooner or later (sooner) there will be a fundemental difference and schism.

Political there isn't a lot of difference between Labour and Conservative, thes days, if you read the manifestos its only the perpetration of old stereotypes by the media that seem to persist.
Question Author
This Coalition wouldn’t have been my first choice before the Election but I very much hope it does deliver a good and fair outcome for us all - tribal politics is best set aside during the next 4/5 years - just hope the Coalition behaves well and the genuine national interest - I very largely agree with Seadragon
Oh thanks Olddutch! We can only hope for compromises that benefit the majority of the public as opposed to a few. Some tough times ahead as in cuts but and maybe some unpopular policies but in these times we can only be optimistic that the best people are appointed. I am worried about Osbourne as Chancellor but Cable could reign him in. (If that's the right spelling of reign?) Have a good day.
Question Author

Thanks for thanking me !

Its scary what could happen with austerity - but Hope springs eternal I hope !

Bit of Faith and Charity as well - and who knows what can be achieved ?

Happy Day

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“Potentially significant realignment in British politics; “historic achievement” say Tories?

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