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Are The Recently Announced Child Benefit Cuts Fair?

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AB Editor | 10:18 Tue 05th Oct 2010 | News
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Individuals earning more than £44,000 will no longer gain child benefit, whereas a family with earnings of anything up to around £80,000 will still be in receipt of Child Benefit, is this a fair cut?

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Are the recently announced child benefit cuts fair?

  • Not Fair - 32 votes
  • 65%
  • Fair - 17 votes
  • 35%

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As I just said in the other section (;o) )

Completely unfair. But I am fed up of hearing that single people or couples with only one earner can't manage on £44,000. Very many working full time don't earn this between them.
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I don't believe that Eastern European migrant workers should be able to claim child benefits to send back to their own country, it was never designed for this and the children of these workers don't reside here, the Government would save millions by closing this loophole

This is exactly the same way as income tax works. If one partner does not work and the other does, their income is not assessed jointly for tax purposes.

In France on the other hand that is not the case and incomes are taken across a familly.

If may not seem fair but it is no more unfair than the way the tax system already works - it's just the way it is done in this country.

Of Course if Cameron wanted to prove that all that stuff about the Tories being the party of the familly was more than just hot air he has a perfect opportunity to prove it
Yep, stop it for any household with more than £44,000 in combined earnings.
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Whilst agreeing with you Jake, is it fair to treat it in the same way as income tax. The money is for the children. It should
Bobbi - I agree but the point is that Child benifit is supposed to be for the child.

Jake totaly agree if a familys income exceeds £44k then it should be stopped, if you have an income of £44k do you actualy need child benifit? Thats a genuine question not a pi%^ take.
yes helen but no doubt you would have paid into the system over the years and not only for a couple of years?

doc I am right to say what I think about it, lambasting or not :-0)
If an immigrant worker is employed and paying taxes and N.I. in this country then his/her rights should be the same as ours surely?
Bobbi, are you saying then that a young person who has paid very little into the system in tax and NI should have different rights to older folk who have paid in for years? It doesn't work like that.
I think Fair.

It annoys me to think people like the 'Beckhams' still get 'Family Allowance'
Even Royalty.

Disparity: A chart which illustrates the generosity of benefits in the UK and the low cost of living in Eastern Europe
Britain's taxpayers are forking out more than £21million a year in child benefit for youngsters living in Poland, official figures reveal.

A loophole in EU regulations means migrants from other EU countries who are seeking work in the UK can claim state handouts for children they have left behind in their home countries.

maybe LL, but a line should be drawn when they are eligible to claim such a benefit, say , after 2 years?
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Dave the Dog. I agree with you. I have heard several people now talking about the fact they can barely manage on £44,000 and they need the money!! Poor souls, I feel sorry for them................................ !!!!
i think that people who earn that kind of money could afford to go without £10ish a week. i also thoroughly agree that you should only get it for the first two children - those who have more should think about finances etc. before expanding to a large family - especially if they are on benefits. why should the taxpayers fund the concil estate single mums or dads who have 3, 4, 5 etc children and not encourage them to work? i have claimed benefits when things have really screwed up for me, but sought work quicjkly and successfully (from cleaning toilets, bingo hall and care homes etc.) to pay the bills. i have also chosen to be sensible and responsible by having only one child as i couldn't afford more - unlike some of my friends who feel the need to breed with every new man they meet. very frustrating! x
indeed not LL, the whole of the benefits system needs a huge overhaul
When my daughter move to Ireland and was still in full time education my child benefit stopped. I was basically told I was entitled to it if the child was not in the UK.
I'd like to see a wholesale change to the tax system with famillies assessed in the same way that it is in France.

I'd then like to see this benefit tapered so as those famillies with the least income getting more, those with medium getting a bit and those with most excluded from it.

I wouldn't like to see it made dependant on nationality - if someone is living in this country they are part of our community and need the same treatment.

However the children should be in this country to be elligable - I don't think that requirement should break any EU rules if framed properly.

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Are The Recently Announced Child Benefit Cuts Fair?

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