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why is it that whenever smoking comes up..

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R1Geezer | 11:30 Fri 04th Feb 2011 | News
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some numpty always says - "if everyone gave up today where would the government get the tax revenue from" - When it's patently obvious that smoking costs gazillions more than it brings in?


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Does it?

Does it really cost more to treat smokers than the revenue they bring in?
pretty sure jake posted something to this effect a while ago, but I can't locate it.
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dunno. but a report by ernst & young recently concluded that ....

on average a smoker on your workforce is costing over £7,000 in lost business opportunity.

mainly due to:

Direct Costs:
Productivity costs due to extra sick leave due to smoking
Productivity costs due to time taken for smoking breaks
Increased health insurance premiums

Indirect Costs:
Impact on customers with smokers representing your company
Impact on other workers with smokers in the workplace
Increased fire risk
Impact on general company image
Loss of key personnel through illness or death
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it's not just treating smokers, that's tiny, I'm talking about 1000's of house fires for example, cleaning costs, lifetime child care costs etc it is estimated that smoking costs approx 20billion when indirect costs are taken into account.
impact on company image? Hey, there's nothing so cool as having a bunch of young smokers outside your front door looking totally glam

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Same reason that whenever speed cameras come up some numpty refers to them as piggy-banks.

Then they start getting switched off to save money!
smoking can extend your life.

its just all the others around you that you kill....
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It is handy for pensions. Smokers tend to drop dead a bit earlier, meaning the pension pot has less strain on it (i.e. less to pay out to). Smokers are just doing their bit for the pension crisis - as is anyone having a mid-life crisis who takes up a dangerous sport.

Even if the government was to loose billions in tax revenue, which had to be sourced from elsewhere, i would still think that a pricec worth paying if it meant that smoking was erradicated from the earth.

I cannot believe that a justification for continuing sale and use of a product that, if used for its intended purpose, may well contribute to your ill health, and possible death - is the tax revenues it produces.

Are we really cynical enough to let people kill themselves because it makes money for the government? God, I hope not!
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Spare ED....LOL....that really was the case 30 years ago and then came those bloody Drs with better chemotherapeutic agents, advances in anaesthesiology, cardiac surgery and prolonged the life of these devils.
come on r1, apologise or flounce. it's fashionable.
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why is it that whenever smoking comes up..

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