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personal hygiene

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wardlaw | 22:58 Thu 11th Oct 2012 | Jokes
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Man goes into the chemist. "I would like some deodorant please".
"Yes" said the assistant, "ball or aerosol?"
"No, just for under my arms" he replied.


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a classic one wardlaw .. but still funny .. well done
Lol...and I really did.
:) new to me lol
I am going to come "CLEAN".

I did not get it, until I saw sunny-daves link. Then I thought it was very funny.
Question Author
LOL sunny-dave. Hadn't seen that one before. Walking in the footsteps of giants.
Bloke from Barnsley with piles asks chemist "Nah then lad, does tha sell arse cream?"

Chemist replies "Aye, Magnum or Cornetto?"
Question Author
Bravo! Better than mine. Will now steal it!
Sadly Dave people from Barnsley do actually speak like that............
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personal hygiene

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