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A Saviour Has Been Born

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daveinscotland | 12:59 Sun 25th Dec 2022 | Jokes
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Wasn’t sure where to put this, didn’t want to incur the ire of Chris by lobbing it into Chatterbank nor inflame the right-whingers by putting it in News.

If you want a laugh today, take a look at some of the reply’s to JRM’s tweet.


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The replies didn’t make me laugh.
Absolutely hilarious. Not. Another pointless post from the latest username.

Mods - feel free to take this down if I've been too rude, but I'm fed-up with these muppets.
Clown world +
Paris shootings, have I missed something,?
Whether you agree with his politics or not he knew that posting this tweet would result in him being ridiculed.

But this is what he believes and you have to respect a man who stands by what he believes in instead of spitting out the usual political sound bites.

Catholics like JRM really make me squirm,dave.You sound like a bigot.Are you a bigot,dave?
Best answer for LiK - I'm baffled by the leniency shown by The Management to certain posters and their revenant acolytes.
daveinscotland seems to have a lot of friends amongst the mods and eds on this site sunny-dave.If it had been you or me posting hate postings on this site as dave has done we would have banned ages ago.
Not funny at all. Aimed to hurt & offend.
Question Author
Ah, no Newman & Baddiel fans then from way back when? Never mind. I daresay there’s been a few additions since I posted it.
Outraged of Tunbridge Wells can write to the Ed next week.

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A Saviour Has Been Born

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