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Aussie Retribution - Beware All You Men Downunder....

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DTCwordfan | 07:44 Thu 14th Dec 2023 | Jokes
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Meantime I offer you this below from a wild Zimbabwean bushman friend of mine who sent me this in his e-mail:

An absolutely amazing and deeply moving story of an Aussie woman's bravery with a tiny .22 calibre pistol, yet they are like a mosquito bite to a big croc.     


A Darwin woman, Beverly Thompson, 38, has stopped a crocodile attack using a small .22 calibre Ruger pistol.  This is a story of self-control and marksmanship by a brave, cool-headed woman with a small pistol against such a fierce predator.

Here's her story in her own words: 

"While walking along the edge of a lake near my house in the Zuccoli Village Estate near Darwin discussing a property settlement with my soon-to-be ex-husband, and other divorce issues, we were surprised by a huge 3.5metre crocodile which suddenly emerged from the murky water.    It began charging us with its large jaws wide open.  She must have been protecting her nest because she was extremely aggressive.  If I had not had my little Ruger .22 calibre pistol with me, I wouldn't be here today!" said Beverly. 

“Just one shot to my estranged husband's kneecap was all it took.   The croc got him easily, and I was able to escape by just walking away at a brisk pace.   The amount I saved in lawyer's fees was really incredible - and his life insurance was also a big bonus!.”



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Double indemnity!

Brilliant! 😆

Wish I could have taken a snapshot..

Sounds a load of croc to me.

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Aussie Retribution - Beware All You Men Downunder....

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