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Tories Breech 'the Red Wall'.

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sandyRoe | 16:20 Sun 15th Dec 2019 | Phrases & Sayings
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Is this phrase, 'The Red Wall', a newly coined description of Labours northern heartland?
I don't think I've heard it before.


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Not a phrase I have heard before this election but I'm not a buff ob these things.
First I've heard of it.
I stayed up until 0400 on Friday morning watching the election programme. There was a large wall map of the UK with all the seats in their party colours. At the start a thick wall of red from West to East in trad Labour heartlands up in the Midlands and further North. As the results came in the red wall crumbled and turned blue. I bet the air did also in Labour party HQ. Ho Ho Ho
I think it was a spur of the moment obvious description.

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Tories Breech 'the Red Wall'.

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