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What Does "You're Legendairy" Mean?

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Reina07 | 10:13 Sun 22nd Aug 2021 | Phrases & Sayings
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I am not an English native speaker.
I guess the phrase "You're legendairy" contains the meaning of " You're legendary" and "Legendairy Milk"(, but still not sure what the phrase means.

Please kindly let me know the exact meaning of the phrase. Thank you!


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Never seen that spelling. Who says 'legendairy' is it on twitter social media?
Yes, it's just a play on words and doesn't really mean anything. It's a brand name.
bobinwales, Its an advert for Natural support for healthy breast milk production, we produce organic herbal supplements for lactating mothers.
English is a confusing and sometimes funny language.
Legendary = famous, renowned, very well known.
Legendairy. A play on the word Legend, celebrated, and dairy ie milk, chocolate, cheese, milk products.
Thanks webbo but I had reported it as possible spam but its still there so maybe not considered as an advert
Cheers Bob :-)

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What Does "You're Legendairy" Mean?

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