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Useful Hindustani Phases In The 1890S

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Khandro | 10:41 Thu 19th Oct 2023 | Phrases & Sayings
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A book has been brought to my attention containing what were seemingly deemed to be useful phrases at that period. I'll spare you the Hindustani (as many of you will no doubt speak it already) so I shall simply give you three of the English examples;

"I will have you caned" 

"The cook is drunk again"

and finally,

"Whence did you obtain this dog-like unclean animal?"





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How would one say in Hindi: My postilion has been struck by lightning?

Google translates that as, "mera postiliyaan bijalee kee chhapat mein aa gaya hai"


Translating it back to English, the "lightning" is, "electricity".

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Sandy; I think it's on page 43. 

Many years ago, travellers to 'the continent' were given phrasebooks containing useful phrases by the AA.  I remember one from the section 'At the Scene of an Accident';

"Please help me to my feet"

The thought of lying in a heap on the ground fumbling for the pocket to extract the phrase book, find the page, & read it out, to gain assistance, seemed a highly improbable scenario, to say the least. 



Spoken as one who was never drunk in Versailles.

Obvious lack of breeding. x

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Useful Hindustani Phases In The 1890S

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