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FT Weekend 13675

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HenHen | 21:44 Sat 23rd Apr 2011 | Crosswords
15 Answers
Stuck on a few:
1ac - month taken to cut off street, with good reason (6) - ??????
1d- I translated Dickensian character as a high street retailer (8) - ????L?E? - could this be supplier, if so, why?
10ac- doubly beastly element? (7) - ???????
9d - smother me in fish, dine elsewhere! (5) - ???A?
20ac- there's one of three (7) - ?????A?
14d- double the money for australian bird (5-5) - ?????W?N?A - is this wonga wonga, if so, why?

Help appreciated. Thanks


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14d yes wonga-wonga is a bird and wonga is slang for money
10a wolfram - another name for tungsten
20a Trigram ????
1a justly
1d je weller
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credit where credit is due - i was trying to solve that one too but getting nowhere near
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The Times on a Saturday and (usually) Sunday are the only papers I get, which means I have instant access to the answers to those crosswords.
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Question Author
Stuck on last 2

8d - skyward routine important for bird (6) - T?R?E? - turkey?? key = important? feeling a right turkey myself not getting this one!!!!
20ac- there's one of three (7) - ?N?G?A? - anagram or enigmas, but don't follow why either would be correct.

Thanks again for your help.
20a. there is an anagram of three
8d. turkey - rut (routine) reversed key
Question Author
Thanks Vegas. Appreciate the time you took away from the tables to help !!!!!

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FT Weekend 13675

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