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jamtarte | 10:59 Sun 15th May 2011 | Crosswords
13 Answers
Can anyone help with 8 down ? Instrument I found in boat returning on a run. (6) ??I?A?
maybe someone in Queensland can tell me the answer to 9 across. Small place in Queensland-also mature type of tree. (8) ?O?M?I?E
Thanks in advance


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Question Author fits ...but I need an explanation please as to why. I can't see it altho it is probably bleedin' obvious
I in tug backwards + a r (for run)
Question Author
merci...of course.
Hi jamtarte - are you sure of your letters for 9a? I've looked here -

& can't see anything that fits - of course, this may not be a complete list.

Two small places that follow the 1st 4 spaces are - Coominya & Holmview, but even if one of those is right, I can't see the tree connection.

Sorry not to have been more help, but I'll keep looking...
on another thread, the mature type of tree was suggested as Elder - but looking at your letters I am wondering if the tree (last 4 letters) is Pine. OR - LiK - there is a Holm Oak, that fits your Holmview, if jamtarte's final E is wrong?
Hi boxy! :-)

Need 8 letters, though?
Hi LiK, your Holmview would fit, that's 8 ?
Sorry, misread your 'Holm Oak'
Question Author
Thank you so much for your help....
Maybe my letters are incorrect.....the final e must be correct....It comes from Rip Van Winkle's earring......sleeper.
Maybe a small place isn't a town...and the mature type of tree I agree could be ....pine.
The m comes from Physicist starts to organise his magnets....ohm ? yes?
I am stumped .
Question Author
I wonder if there is a tiny place in QLD called Holmpine that Google hasn't heard of :-)
Question Author
It's Toompine !
Well done, you got there in the end!

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