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Daily Telegraph Toughie Friday October 26th 2012

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catsrcool | 10:44 Fri 26th Oct 2012 | Crosswords
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12dn Coach describes our Olympic team failing to win as 'ruddy habitual characteristic' (4-7) G?O? B?O?S?M = GROG BLOSSOM why?
23ac Champions League pundits, so to speak, selling themselves? (2,3,4) O? T?E ?A?? ON THE TAKE ?
13ac and 6 Down and 2 Down: Line from REM version of Hamlet hits top ten -- this good! (5,2,2,3,9) ????? M? I? ??E ????L?G?T


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23a on the game
If GROG BLOSSOM is right I can see theGB for our team, and maybe LOSS
That's me in the spotlight...
13 ac etc. That's me in the spotlight
Groom around loss and GB.
Means ruddy
Question Author
Thanks try these
20dn What shoots dazzlingly out of electricity? (6) ?E?E?R METEOR?
1ac Top man in N5 fears enemy kidnaps (6) ??S?N?
1dn Adjutant-general and I think we should dangle -- they do! (6) ??L?T?
1d Aglets?
Question Author
Thanks 1ac ARSENE so 1dn does start with A so it looks good for AGLETS but I can't parse it
adjutant general...AG+ 'lets' (i think we should). and they're the tips of laces that hang down
Question Author
Thank you
20d - Out of electricity is nothing (0) in the METER

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Daily Telegraph Toughie Friday October 26th 2012

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