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Saga Cryptic Crossword

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frugalfred | 13:06 Tue 03rd Feb 2015 | Crosswords
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Received reply from Editor of the Saga mag. following protest re the cryptic crossword:
Many thanks for your message about the change of crossword in the January issue. We changed things around for a number of reasons - because we wanted a supplier to also provide online puzzles; for ease of administration (having one provider is much simpler in our small office); because response to the prize crossword had been dropping off - and because after many years I just thought a freshen-up would be good.
Well, how wrong was I?

Scores of you wrote and emailed in about the new cryptic crossword saying it wasn't hard enough, and that you LIKED the challenge of simply trying to finish it! As someone who views tackling a cryptic crossword with the same alacrity as a visit to the dentist, I have to admit to some amazement at the reaction.

So from the March issue (if we can change the page in time) do please enjoy the fact that your fiendish cryptic crossword has returned, albeit a tiny bit smaller for space reasons. Also, as we had a very big, positive, response to the easier prize crossword - with many more people entering and enjoying it than before - I've kept that as the prize element to the page. However I think you may find we've 'dialled up' the difficulty factor a little.

So do forgive the miscalculation on my part and I hope you continue to enjoy both the puzzles and the magazine as a whole. And thank you too for taking the time and trouble to make your views known. I do value the unique engagement that Saga magazine has with its readers and, as you see, we do listen!
Warm regards

Katy Bravery
Editor, Saga Magazine
The Pavilion
Enbrook Park
Kent, CT20 3SE


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No mention of Cullen though :(
Wow - well done!
This is brilliant news :-)

One man (and a few determined ABers) can change the world (or at least Saga magazine) Well done everyone who wrote in.

auntie xxx
People power triumphs,let's hope Cullen is reinstated - maybe he'll let us know.
Well done Abers :o) I hope Cullen gets his job back
Hurrah! Now let's hope they reinstate Cullen as the setter and the difficult crossword as the PRIZE crossword also!

Wonder if a protest would stop the innovation of counting letters in crossword solutions?
Yes really pleased to hear from Katy Bravery. Look forward to the first new crossword.If the easier crossword is now going to be the prize one we can still send it in but enjoy the other one as long as it is a challenge. I don't think Cullen will be brought back but fingers crossed. Our protest was well worth it.
That's good news but I'm really disappointed that it will no longer be the prize crossword. For me that was part of the challenge!

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Saga Cryptic Crossword

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