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Azed 2356 Clue Help

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braverino | 11:07 Thu 10th Aug 2017 | Crosswords
6 Answers
Can you please help with Azed 2356 19 across? 8 letters. I don't have any letters. HEAD MAYBE CURTAILED CANE IN THE HOUSE.


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Dome-stic(k) (?)
11:12 Thu 10th Aug 2017
Dome-stic(k) (?)
Question Author
Thank you so much Lie-in King
Glad I could help :-)
I am also stuck on one of the clues to this puzzle that needs to be encrypted, so I can't offer any letters:

One that’s taken on a range of Lancashire lingerie (8)

any help gratefully accepted - I have completed the rest of the clues and am looking t deduce the codeword
HIRELING, in clue

LancasHIRE LINGerie
Thanks iminoz, I can't believe I didn't pick that one.
Much appreciated - now to try and unscramble the playfair ....

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Azed 2356 Clue Help

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