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Stuck On A Few St4769

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fiveleaves | 19:26 Sun 22nd Oct 2017 | Crosswords
7 Answers
Brain frozen today
14A Players might brave a hostile reception (4,3,5)
Take the risks?
16D Lavish glutton entertains staff on a lake (8)
17D Reject blue act appearing first (4,4)



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14 Face The Music
16 prodigal
16 Prodigal, lavish. Pig, Rod and A L(ake)
Turn down

17 Turn Down (Act = turn, but it appears first)
17d Turn Down act =Turn. blue=down(sad, unhappy)
16d Prodigal glutton=Pig. Staff=rod P(rod)ig+ A L(ake)

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Stuck On A Few St4769

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