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Sunday Express Skeleton 10Th December 2017

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beastra | 01:54 Mon 11th Dec 2017 | Crosswords
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Hi All quite a few left:

18a Metal belonging to a guy may split (6) ??H?S?
20a Advantage, when established (5) ASS?? is it ASSET?
24a Wannabe taking last drug (7) ???I?I?
25a Now, not all take sides yet (6, 2 words) T?D??E
5d Enthusiasm a man has to lower (5) G?S?O is it GUSTO?
10d Soldiers finished small meals (7) REPA???
22d English paragon has a point (4) ???T

thanks for any help


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20 As set looks ok
01:56 Mon 11th Dec 2017
20 As set looks ok
5d gus to looks ok
10 re past s ?
24 aspirin
22 East
E(nglish) ST (paragon) has "A" inside= EAST (point)
25 seen as TO DATE
now not all = TODA(y) + T(ak)E = take sides = TODAY (yet)
18 Schism
SC(aandium = metal) + his (belonging to a guy) + M(ay =month) = SCHISM (split)
^^^ = To DATE (not today)
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Thank you both you great people. Happy Christmas to you

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Sunday Express Skeleton 10Th December 2017

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