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Sunday Times 4778

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fiveleaves | 10:42 Mon 25th Dec 2017 | Crosswords
12 Answers
Happy Christmas to everyone
These have been bugging my wine sozzled brain for hours
49A WI must expand part in Jerusalem, say, collectively 4,3,5
I have W--- --E -O-C-

8D After a shake-up, introduce a big old card game 7,6



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49 With one voice
With one voice
Auction Bridge
Auction Bridge
auction bridge
Question Author
Thanks, so obvious!
I must be incredibly slow on this one but why With One Voice? I get collectively as the definition but how does it parse?
The WI have the hymn Jerusalem as their song and presumably sing it with one voice?
Well unless you are a member of the WI I guess that one is totally lost on most folk. Shockingly poor clue even by David McLean's abysmally low standards.
There may be a good parse, sorry.
No I'm sure your are absolutely correct and I thank you for putting me out of my misery - Google confirms the association. I even chose it as a hymn for my wedding many decades ago but hadn't a clue of the WI link!
P.S. It was a close run thing between Jerusalem and Fight the Good Fight when I had to come up with my chosen hymns. With hindsight the latter choice might have been more fitting .. ;¬)

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Sunday Times 4778

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