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Times 1367 Cryptic

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stevenj | 17:16 Sun 17th Feb 2019 | Crosswords
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Feeling a bit low. His Nibs's mother has taken him to Yorkshire (Good Thing!) to look at York and Leeds as potential unis to go to. It's not so much that I have desperately missed him this week end - though I have- but the realisation that either this year or next, he will be away for weeks at a time. How will I cope? SWMBO says that it will be good for us both to be less dependent on each other and we will look back and think "great". But I am sure she is wrong. Anyway, having got that off my chest, to the crossword.
I have, with difficulty, finished it. Or, at least, I have filled in all the spaces. But some answers I feel very unsure bout and as always would welcome help.
35ac Take stock of troops taking battle west. the answer seems to be "review" which might fit the taking stock of troops but , tbh, I am puzzled by it.
37 d Source of this sound giving people away. I think the answer is "treasonable" which is giving people away (is it? verb? adjective?) but again I can't get the rest.
25 d Sign of imminent death? Refuses to allow reduction in care. "Banshee" fits and I think they appear as a sign of death. Or am I imagining that?
lastly, 50d High level of trainee fliers taking it up. "attic" fits and that's high level. But...

Thanks in anticipation



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35 re (troops) vie (battle) w(est)
25 Bans = refuses to allow, and Hee(d) is reduction in care. Banshee, sign of imminent death - they wail!
Re vie w
50 atc (air training corps) it it reversed inside
T, source of This (ie first letter) +Reasonable.
Source (start) of this - T + Reasonable (sound)
50 ATC Air Training Corps with it rev
Sorry - with it reversed....
Sorry, for 37 D, I should have had - reasonable = sound, valid.
Question Author
To all five of you(Toorak, NAC, Ubasses, Mamyalynne and Cashier) thank you so much.
As always, the answers make sense when you explain.
I'm sure SWMBO would say that's true of Life..

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Times 1367 Cryptic

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