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R I P Schadenfreude

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Calibax | 00:24 Thu 21st Mar 2019 | Crosswords
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I haven't seen it mentioned on here and I may have missed it but the death has been announced of Schadenfreude (aka Oxymoron), crossword compiler for the Listener, The inquisitor, EV etc. Having spent many hours wrestling with his fiendish puzzles, I for one am going to miss him immensely,
Only link I could find was this one and the relevant paragraph is quite a way down,


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Morning, Calibax. Schadenfreude's death was mentioned on an earlier thread, the longer Listener/Polyfilla one. I always enjoyed his puzzles, even though I didn't always finish them!
There was a tribute from John Henderson (Nimrod) attached to Inquisitor 1536 on 16 March

Schadenfreude: in Memoriam

Solvers of barred puzzles are coming to terms with a huge void left by the sudden death of John Harrington, a giant of the crossword world. He was, paradoxically, a man of few words - his puzzle submissions were accompanied by the single sentence: “I attach details of the above for your consideration.”
For 20 years he eschewed social contacts, but spoke to us through his puzzles, described on Fifteensquared as witty, superbly constructed, immaculate works of genius.
Happily among his outlets, a few puzzles remain to be published. Magpie holds one: Listener two: and Enigmatic Variations (where he was Oxymoron) four. I have enough for his remaining yearly Inquisitor quota, plus his contributions to the forthcoming IQ1600 joint effort, where SPINK will soon, alas, become PINK.
John Harrington (aka Schadenfreude etc) will be greatly missed - I've spent many hours wrestling with the convoluted workings of his cruciverbal brain and am pleased that are still a few puzzles left in the pipeline.

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R I P Schadenfreude

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