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TioMateo | 14:31 Sun 26th Apr 2020 | Crosswords
14 Answers
"Perhaps US door guard has missed second approach" (8) E?T?Y?A?

This has me completely baffled. I can get started parsing the wordplay fairly easily :- (S)entry followed by ?A?, and "approach" would appear to be a logical definition, but then it all rather falls apart. ENTRYWAY looks as if it could be an Americanism for "approach", but then not only does the word not seem to exist, there is no justification for WAY in the wordplay.

The nearest I got was to find on Google that "SENTRYWAY" is, apparently, a brand name for a Travelling Video Surveillance System. But, so what?

And yes, I have triple checked all the crossing letters : - E from LysEnkoism, T from Toenail, Y from SecondarY Modern and A from FAce down.

There often seems to be ONE last clue that prevents final completion, and this is one of those. Help, please!


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Perhaps US door, so (s)entry + way(approach)
14:37 Sun 26th Apr 2020
Agree about the word way, but the word does exist

Learn to pronounce
a way in to somewhere or something; an entrance.
Perhaps US door, so (s)entry + way(approach)
Entryway (US "door") - '(s)entry way (approach)'
Way is a synonym of approach
Sorry, I should've refreshed the page
No problem L-i k. Always good to have confirmation.
Entryway is a real word, it's in my Oxford Dictionary of English. I agree with others, 'way' is indicate by 'approach'.
Lie-In King, Danny, I wanted to confirm the validity of the word as the OP said 'it didn't seem to exist'.
Question Author
Thank you to all contributors. If the word "entryway" appears in the OED, then obviously I have to accept it exists.  I totally accept "approach" indicates way, which means the definitionhas to be "Perhaps US door".  dannyk13 refers to "noun NORTH AMERICAN, a way in to somewhere or something; an entrance" - which would seem to settle the matter, though I would be interested to know what the source for that is.

My only version of the OED is a very heavy 2 volume version (in tiny print with a magnifying glass!) entitled THE COMPACT EDITION OF THE OED, which was given to me as a wedding present in 1984.  I did check it but it had nothing.

My primary reference has always been Chambers, (probably because of getting into The Listener many decades ago), and I was surprised that they didn't have it, and that Google produced nothing.  I'm not tech savvy enough to know how to source all the other dictionaries that are out there online, but if anyone is prepared to give me a few pointers, I would very much appreciate it.

Thanks again to all.  I give Best Answer to dannyk13, both for speed and clarity as regards which precise bit of the clue was the definition.
This shows dictionaries where the word can be found and is also very useful for solving clues when you only have some of the letters
Tiomateo, I mentioned the word being in my Oxford Dictionary of English - that's much more manageable than the other one, the one you have, the Oxford Dictionary of English! My ODE is just slightly heavier than Chambers.
In the ODE - Entryway, noun, North American; a way in to somewhere or something; an entrance.
As well as the two mentioned above, I also use Collins English Dictionary for crosswords.
Comes up in Chambers Word Wizard but not in my print edition.
Sorry, now I am the one confusing things - because of scrolling up and down. Your dictionary is the cumbersome OED, Oxford English Dictionary. I like the sound of it, though it'd be too heavy for daily use!
Question Author
Thank you Calibax. I've had a quick look, and it looks a very promising site to follow up and refer to. I was slightly stunned , when I put in Entryway and asked for a definition, that it came up with no less than 26 English dictionaries that contain the word. All the more puzzling why Chambers doesn't have it.

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