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Stumped On Paul

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Spanishfly | 11:17 Sat 16th Jan 2021 | Crosswords
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I'm totally stumped here. To get foot in, what's 14? "The capital of Lebanon, twice bombed, returned to former glory (7) "


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seen as rebuilt
I have Rebuilt
def " returned to former glory"
Bombed= rebut"
Capital of Lebanun =L
Not sure where the I comes from though?

Capital of Lebanon = L
Capital of Lebanon = BEIRUT

Remember this ;)

Question Author
Thanks all,that helps
very good :-)
Thank you Orthrus. Good answer.
Well that's the PDM revealed before you've even started. The whole fun in this particular crossword was gradually working out what it meant. After that, it just becomes a straightforward solve. Can't see the point myself.
I agree with Semwah - the whole point of a themed puzzle is to gradually work out the theme. Once you know the theme it becomes a very easy crossword except for the unthemed clues.

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Stumped On Paul

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