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Big Monday Missing Clues

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Radagast | 08:10 Mon 08th Nov 2021 | Crosswords
23 Answers
The Daily Express Big Monday crossword is missing clues 8 & 9 down. Anybody know how to find out what they are?


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don't know the clues but acapulco and isotope fit my grid . . .
E-mail the Express.
Question Author
I have emailed the Express. Acapulco and isotope seem the most likely but scraunch would also fit.
Ash Tree could also fit

Ice ?u?c?

Should we just post without those ?
Question Author
I shouldn't post just yet in case we find out what the clues are later.

Thank you
14d is missing also
clue for 14d is at the end of 7d :-)

Looks like the clues to 7d & 14d have been run together & 14d should read -

"(Mul)ticellular aquatic animal of the phylum Porifera, having a soft body supported by a porous fibrous skeleton (6)"

(Mul) is missing, I've added the letters
I had put sponge, as it fitted.
14 down is also missing from my paper,we have enough letters to workout the word answer as autograph which should be enough as people entering by phone or text dont need to know all of the answers
it's a cunning plan to get us to spend money on the phone entry . . .
If two clues are missing, then surely if your grid is chosen with two answers missing, you should still be awarded the prize?
Any update from the Express yet? I only buy the paper to do this crossword and it costs too much to phone through
Question Author
No reply so far. It's not looking promising, I'm afraid.
I just phoned & the girl on the switchboard said they'd been inundated with calls about this & that I could try waiting an age for the one person that's taking the queries if I wanted to. I didn't want to.

She added that she *thought* they were going to make the crossword null & void, but wasn't by any means certain of that.

Sorry, that's all I can add to this.

Where does the word "autograph" fit?
There aren't enough spaces.
Caran - that's the word derived from the anagram of the letters in the shaded squares.
Thank you L,I,K.
Never done that part of the puzzle!
This type of thing seems to happen at least once every year ...... saving themselves £500. I can remember clues with an incorrect grid, and a grid with two columns missing ! Both times the crossword was declared void ...... £1,000 saved ! lol

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Big Monday Missing Clues

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