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That Moment ( By Chiffchaff )...

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Matakari | 09:12 Sun 24th Jul 2022 | Crosswords
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Good morning, I’ve already got some answers for “That Moment” by Chiffchaff, but still have a few clues outstanding. I would like to see how far I can get with this one. Answers to the following would be appreciated, thank you.
1 (A) Formidable opponents “Très Grand” in translation (6): T?GE?C
5 (A) Intrudes before rightful heir takes possession of what might be land subsidies (6): ?B?TES
5 (A) Intrudes before rightful heir takes possession of what might be land subsidies (6): TOD?
42(A) Cheering when shower covers husband with goo (6): RAH?N?


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There are two 5a clues. Same clue different letter patterns, which is right?
You have 5a twice but diffrent patterns
Not sure why goo = g though
1a Tigers
Bobbinwales, Matakari has missed out some of the special instructions. Some clues have a letter added from the previous or following clue. I can't recall the details, maybe Matakari will provide his helpers with that!
Question Author
Sorry about this mixup with 5A. The first one is good, the second should read:
29 ( A) Vulgar antique loo’s fashionable (4) : TOD?
Matakari, the special info?...

29 Tony
Question Author
Sorry again for omitting the special instructions (Heat wave!!!! ). Here they are:

In That Moment something thematic must happen to two answers to resolve four clashes in the grid. In eight across clues one letter has dropped into the next clue and needs to be restored before solving. Read in clue order these give a thematically treated word which indicates where to look next to find out what has to happen to one further answer in the grid.
Thanks, Matakari. At least one of your queries was answered in one of your earlier batches.

PS I hope your grid's just about full now. I think you'll enjoy the thematic element.
Question Author
Many thanks, all!
Thanks, Matakari - I hope you've swapped your heat wave for a brain wave and got the theme?

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That Moment ( By Chiffchaff )...

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