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buttyb | 18:11 Thu 05th Jan 2023 | Crosswords
16 Answers
16d. Deadly and dirty .


S ( clue written like this).



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is the L S one a different clue??
Question Author
No, same clue , I was trying to type it the way its written in the clue. L at the top then slanty line which ends in S
So the clue is deadly and dirty fololowed by the LS think you shown.
Is it saying whether one word or 2
It'll start with line or long
Question Author
It's just one word
^^^ ignore that
Question Author
Yes, landslides but doesn't fit
well i wouldnt of got that with them letters!
Looks a good one to me Captain
Cant find a better one unless theres an Irish term
Wheres your U or I from
Question Author
I think the u and I are correct
I doubt they are, sorry
Has to be 'landslides' especially the way it's written with a slanty line
Which clues gave the 'u' and 'i'?
There is NO U answer is Landslides

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