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Ev 1581

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hankir | 17:07 Tue 14th Mar 2023 | Crosswords
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I am finding this very difficult.
Is aircon short for air conditioner or it has some different meaning in UK? Not sure what I have to look for.
My right hand column has A?C?IB???IV??. Are my letters correct? I cannot make any real word/s from them.

One Across clue in each row has one letter wherever it occurs.
1. Inhaler provided inside mostly free with emptied shot (7) Sniffer? how?
24. Encounters change of policy without falling short (6)
42. What's positioned to screen ring of light from the east? (7, two words)

Down clues have one extra letter.
1d. No name and date withstands evil doings (6)
25. Call last free spark (7)
29. Founder of old cities? (6)



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Air(man) + con(vict) = POW (and a famous film about them).
Yes, your letters are right, hankir (his surname begins with the 'I'.
1a WHIFFER - IF (inside) FRE(e) + W(it)H (anag)
24a TACK+LES(s) ('falling short')
42 SOLA HAT (&lit) HALO [reversed] inside SAT = 'positioned'
1d anag WITHSTA(n)(d)[s] - [take out n(ame) + d(ate)] with 's' extra ('doings' is slang for a thingummybob).
25 CRY ('call') + anag of 'last' - def 'spar[k]' (as in a mineral) 'k' extra
29 OECIST - a colonist (archaic) O+CIT[i]ES 'i' extra
Question Author
Much appreciated, ProfessorM.
If I had understood that aircon is Airman Convict, I may have reached there eventually. I have the name and the movie.
Now to solve a few last remaining clues and end game.
The title is much more specific than my hint, hankir - the nickname of the POW is spot-on.
Which are the 3 cells showing "his possession" please?
PP, the three cells include the one with 2 letters. It's a part of his 'equipment' for doing the activity...
Ah yes ... i see it now. Thanks NACW
PP, glad I could help.

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Ev 1581

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