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Scottish Field

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johnT | 12:31 Tue 08th Aug 2023 | Crosswords
7 Answers
September Issue
This crossword is primarily Scottish words, terms or variations of words or spellings common to regions of Scotland.

1a. Long-legged (4,7) L??? / ???N?I?
Possibly LANG ???N?I?
2d. Name given to person in charge (4,11) ???D / ?I?LY?A????
Possibly HEID ?I?LY?A????
6a. Emptied cup (3) ??T (not 100% convinced of last letter T)
14a. Order (a drink) (3) ??A
24d. Scruffy person (4) ????
28a. Telling off (10) ???R?????N

Apologies if any provided letters from adjoining clues are wrong - it's so difficult if your not Scottish and don't know all the regional slang.


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1a Lang shankit
24. Tink
Question Author
Thanks for help
Assuming suggestion TINK for 24d correct, then revised letters for 28a are:
28a. Telling off (10) ???R???K?N
28 Was thinking of 'barracking' but doesn't fit the pattern
6 Wat?
Question Author
If it helps - I think I have another letter for 28a.
28a. Telling off (10) S??R???K?N

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Scottish Field

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