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Any Times Subscription Holder Not Getting The Magazines?

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GetOverIt | 16:27 Sun 13th Aug 2023 | Crosswords
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I'm posting this in Crosswords because I know many of you still buy papers for the crosswords.

I've got a weekend Times subscription and three times now out of the last four weeks the Sunday Times magazines have been missing. I'm wondering if this is just a local issue here in Liverpool, or is it a national issue.

I've let it slide a couple of weeks but have now emailed The Times for any kind of explanation.

PS I have now stopped buying The Sunday Express so I save myself a couple of quid and even more by not using any stamps for postal crossword entries. anybody else done the same?


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I hope someone can help you, but I've only recently restarted a digital subscription & haven't seen a real paper for yonks.

I've emailed them a couple of times in the past & have always had a quick & helpful response.
I have a Times monthly subscription. I find that if I log into the "digital" site that I am not remembered and some of the articles are missing. I use this url to log on for both the Daily and Sunday editions. You can use the various sub menus along the site items bar and look back for at least 6 days and also find back issues.
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I can still access the digital copies - but I do like the old fashioned pleasure of leafing through a magazine during a long bus ride and my other half is not quite so digitally savvy!
When you say that the Mag. is missing GOI do you mean online or are you in receipt of the paper copy through the door occasionally?
If you have the Sunday Times "paper" either by delivery or that you collect then a Mag. is dropped at the Newsagent with every copy. As are the Business, Home, Comment, Travel, Style, Culture, mags etc. Been some time since I had a paper copy delivered so it may have changed.
The newsagent may receive the parts of the paper in possibly three deliveries, with the news and sport sections being the latest printed, and it is up to the newsagent to assemble the complete set. What they do if they don't get a section is not clear.

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Any Times Subscription Holder Not Getting The Magazines?

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