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Crusader And Sunday Express Crossword

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Janet2802 | 15:07 Sat 26th Aug 2023 | Crosswords
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I see in the Daily Express there is no longer a daily prize for the Crusader Crossword. I have done the Crusader and Sunday Express crosswords for years and have won £100 every so often. So instead of £100 every day and more prizes on a Saturday, it's just one for the week. They're obviously cutting down. That's a shame


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The crossword in the Sunday Express magazine was £1,000
but now has been reduced to £250. oh yes and the papers
went up in price.
They are making a fortune
My paper this morning cost me £2.30 and to post the
crossword costs £1.10.

My moan for Sunday

Have a nice day

Good luck :-)
I’ve swapped over to the Mail on Sunday…cheaper paper, more puzzles and bigger prizes.
I also do the Mail on Sunday but I have never won.
still Fingers crossed I will win the Big one, one day.
I stopped buying the Sunday Express a few weeks ago for the same reasons.
With the £5 a week I'm saving from buying a paper and paying for postage I've treated myself to some high quality coloured pencils and am enjoying my art instead!

BTW I've just subscribed to the Telegraph puzzles website for 50p for a year. I haven't had a proper explore yet but theres seems to be a general knowledge and a cryptic crossword both with prizes, and both submitted online along with lots of other word puzzles and sudokus etc.
I’ve been a member of the Telegraph puzzles site/app for about two years. I visit everyday and do the cryptic crossword and a few of the others, quick and mini etc. Highly recommended, and great value.

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Crusader And Sunday Express Crossword

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