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Enigmatic Variations N0 1605

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Matakari | 11:17 Mon 28th Aug 2023 | Crosswords
43 Answers
Good morning, back to a challenging EV for me. Looks like some expert sleuthing is needed here. Help for the following would be appreciated, thank you!

16a Grasps recurrently crooked rental charges resolution ( 8 ): ?E??????
24a Former cover measure in print reversed issue recalled ( 7 ): ON?????
1d Moneylender’s early operations masked by dodgy sums ( 7 ): ?S?????
3d Waste conveyers ground boats, perhaps ( 9, 2 words ): ?O???????
6d Welcoming run out for emperor and chancery (9 ): ?????R???
10d Chemical increasing muscle mass found trending into fashion (8) : ?R???I??

( Preamble: Four clues each contain a string of four or more letters to be removed before solving. Remaining clues each contain an extra letter; in clue order these explain how to use the four clues to identify WHO, WHERE AND WHEN. Solvers must change one letter in the initially-filled grid to reveal the name of a relevant person (WHO must be highlighted). All changes to clues and grid create new words; surface reading of clues may suffer. Chambers Dictionary (2016) is recommended.)



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I left it until today to do this and it is fair to say that I am struggling with it!

10d Creatine = create around "in"

However, I haven't solved any of the others yet!
24a I think is onetime (former)
cover = on so the N is extra
en measure in print reversed = ne
time = emit reversed= issue
Matakari (+ JJ), good luck with the expert sleuthing! This one was ...on the challenging side, and rewarding in the end.
6d Open armed = anagram of "emperor and" with a surplus R
24a '[c]over' = O (the 'c' is extra JJ).
Thanks ProfMaisie

16a anag 'ren[t]al' inside 'RES(olution)' - extra 't' (def. to understand again).
1d (def is female) 'operations' =URES (archaic) with anag 'su[m]s' outside ['m' extra].
3d - 4 letters for 'ground'/earth + '[b]oat' = PIPE (archaic) 'b' extra.
10d - extra letter is from 't[r]ending' (the containment indicator).
Thankyou ProfessorMaisie, I had just solved and parsed 16a as your answer came up. I also had the answer to 1d but was struggling to parse it!
6d - extra letter in 'chance[r]y' ('chancey' is the anagram indicator).
You're getting through them fast, JJ - I'm sure you'll have them all by the time Matakari posts again (time for some exercise - I'm off for a stroll now}.
Question Author
Thanks, JJ109 and ProfessorMaisie, answers are falling into place gradually.
Thanks for the update, Matakari, lovely to hear you're doing so well with this one.
Question Author
I’m stumped again with the following for which I would appreciate help. Thanks in advance!

37a Russian measures formerly misusing hospital’s toxic compounds (7)
5d Intelligence spearing name holding a party in Jo’burg ( 5 ):?R?AI
9d You shuffled with tarot cards, maybe sent from here ( 7 ) : ?A???AY
25d Forgers miss most of the smelting ( 6 ) : E?I???
9 Simply an anagram - once you've dropped a letter. You send letters, put letters ready to be sent in your##
5 A five-letter 'intelligence', repository of intelligence, loses a letter ('spearing name', and remembering the extra letter instruction.) 'Holding a' gives you the other letter needed.The 'party' is not political, and usually happens outdoors
Sorry, Matakari, I meant to add - you have mistakes in 37, 9 and 25.
37a ARS(h)INES 'Russian measures'.
5d 'Intelligence' = BRAI(n) 'sp[e]aring'/except for - 'n(ame)' put 'A' inside for the S.A. party ['e' extra].
9d anag 'you' + 'tar[o]t' - something on an office desk ['o' extra].
25d 'miss' + 'th(e)' '[s]melting' = anagram indicator ['s' extra].
... 37 An old word for Russian measures loses (missing rather than misusing) the usual 'hospital' and leads to toxic compounds. Your first E is wrong.

25 is forgers who work in forges rather than people producing counterfeits. There's an anagram of a shortish word, plus two letters from a short word (most of the). There's an anagram indicator in the last word, remembering the preamble.
Question Author
Good morning, the grid is almost full and I’m getting to the juicy, albeit tricky part now. Help with these two outstanding clues would be appreciated. Many thanks in advance!

28a Frank reproof to a dog ( 4 ) ??TE
29d Doughboy trucked into festival that’s finished with free joints ( 5 ) ?GILE

And a confirmation for the following, thanks!

5a Buffet’s downstairs with no end of tea ( 4 ) BROA
9a Local ignoring outsiders in Colombian flood ( 3 ) OCA
13a Goal’s alcohol, provided bottles not previously returned (4) NEHI
22a Supposed grave concealing record ( 5 ) SEPAD
7d Victory crew sinking ships ( 3 ) AAH
9a and 22a are both correct
5a - The superfluous letter is the A at the end of "tea"

Buffet = Blow
Downstairs = below with no end of "te",ie no e
below - E =Blow

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Enigmatic Variations N0 1605

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