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Rte 39

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snaro | 14:57 Mon 18th Sep 2023 | Crosswords
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Completely stymied on this last one 15ac o?p?  Nick the name of Cillian Murphys most recent character portrayal?  o?p?. Any suggestions ?




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Well, he played Oppenheimer, apparently, so perhaps his nickname is 'Oppo'?

Or Oppy? 

Question Author

Tanx captain I was thinking oppy but oppo seems more appropriate war related parlance.Much obliged tanx.

Thought that too, FoD, after I pressed send. ;0))

Question Author

Tanx also fleshpots also for yours.

Just found this - but it doesn't fit!!

J. Robert Oppenheimer had a nickname. His closest friends and students used to call him Oppie1.

.oppy and opje here

Question Author

Tanx again  capt and fleshpots on reflection think I will chance oppy.

Question Author

Tanx bobbinwales just reviewed replies many tanx,


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Rte 39

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