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Sunday Express Skeleton 8Th October

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Frustrate | 07:39 Mon 09th Oct 2023 | Crosswords
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Stuck early sorry! Help please

4d "expert with eccentric pursuer's in therapy 11 letters ?????e??u?e

9d "similar boxes or crates beginners moved" 9 letters ????cases

1d "local fellow initially main..." 5 letters ?????

1a "cruel iron Lady cloned" 4 letter ??l?

Hope you can help folks please. Frustrate 



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4 acupressure

1 focal

1a fell

9 relocated

4a (expert)ace with anagram of pursuers inside

1d initial letters of local fellows swap to give focal , meaning main as in focal point.



Question Author

Many thanks all of you folks. What would I do without you? Frustrate 

1a  (iron) fe + ll initial letter of lady cloned

Middle English: from Old French fel, nominative of felon ‘wicked (person)’ (see felon1).

Hello. I am a bit late to the party on this one.  I hope it is alright for me to ressurect this.  I was stuck on this crossword, including 9 down, and left it unfinished. I can see that relocated might be right as it means moved but I just cannot work out why it would be that. My first thought was correlates (meaning similar) and does contain "crates or L (for beginner)" but it is a letter (E) too long. Can someone confirm the answer and explain it for me please. Thank you. 

Newmod... Related means 'similar. THe OC in relocated comes from 'or crates beginners', ie the first letters in the two words.  Rel  oc ated.

Lightbulb moment. It seems so obvious now. Is there a dunce's hat emoji?

I assume the word boxes tells us that the OC is boxed into the word RELATED.

Much appreciated. 



Yes, Boxes means 'takes in'. I should have added that. 

Glad I could help. 

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Sunday Express Skeleton 8Th October

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