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Saga Cryptic November

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Cryptomaniac | 16:51 Fri 03rd Nov 2023 | Crosswords
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14d Working at losing duck and winged beast such as loon or gull. (7) D?N?U?T

9 ac Port guards make fun of Roman official. (7) Presumably tRIBune. But how does the ‘tune’ wordplay work here?  TIA



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14 dingbat

D(o)ing bat (winged creature)

Best I can find for Port = Tune, is



An ethnic term for an instrumental composition usually performed on the harp

but I don't possess a Chambers, or the lik, so can't verify further.

Captain2,  a very similar definition to yours (port = tune) is the seventh definition in Chambers.

Thanks, NaC. One day, perhaps, I'll invest in a Chambers.

Question Author

Thanks all. Finished now. Spotted my mistake in the crosser for dingbat. And thanks for the Chambers research!

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Saga Cryptic November

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