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Sunday Express Skeleton 12Th November

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Frustrate | 18:35 Mon 13th Nov 2023 | Crosswords
8 Answers

help please on 28a "Role so rare not cast in time" 13 letters ??????o??????

1d "liquid fat from turned leaf " 5 letters d?l??

13a "scrap outside trendy pub" 5 letters ????t

17a "Cool fish closer to estuary" 5 letters ????y

20 "Arabian chap fills an empty one" 5 letters o???e

26a "early round me finish quickly" 6letters ??????

Hope you can help me again this  week. Frustrate 




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17a Saw this answered as shady

20 O-man-i

28a sooner or later   anagram

26 Pronto

13 Jo-in-t

1 Folio

Frustrate, I like the quirkiness, but there's no need to put the clues in parentheses - saves time and your fingers. 😁

Question Author

Thank you everybody, and thankyou Captain for your "finger" advice will remember in future. Frustrate 

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Sunday Express Skeleton 12Th November

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