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Business Post 1757

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maureen | 15:23 Mon 20th Nov 2023 | Crosswords
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Hi all. 1A An article in the financial tmes may make one blubber. ??T. 1D How impeccably California would appeear if San Andteas was not there. ??U?T??S??Y. 3A Alread inclined to relocate Eddie's props. P??D??P?S?T. Thnks in advance.



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1 D Faultless

3 Predisposed, anagram (of Eddies props)

1 Fat, blubber - A, article, inside FT, Financial Times.

1a Fat

1d Faultlessly

Thanks, JJ - I hadnt noticed how many letters were in that clue - no letter count and it was spread over two lines.

P??D??P?S?T = PREDISPOSED with an erroneous T removed PREDISPOSED is an anagram of "Eddie's props"

Jf2k, good to have that one confirmed...

Jf2k- while you're here, did you have any more info to add to the part clues you posted this weekend?

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Business Post 1757

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