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Stinker Lovatts 384

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mizmog | 16:35 Wed 22nd Nov 2023 | Crosswords
10 Answers

202d Refreshments  ????U?LS

290ac Postcard collecting hobby D?L????O??

276d Tiny (animal) pl???

295ac on the cotrary w?e?e??

283ac matter of factly dr???

292ac caring ??LI???O?S






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290 deltiology

202 victuals

295 whereas

283 dryly

295 Whereas

292 solicitous


29 solicitous

Any more letters in 276d now, mizmog? (and are you sure of those given?)

276 anyone??

All I can think of is 'pygmy ' as in a pygmy shrew .There are lots of pygmy animals 


Any more ideas on this one?

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Stinker Lovatts 384

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